Spotify Finally Added Widgets For iOS 14 Homescreen – 💚


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Spotify finally decides to add it’s own iOS 14 Widget and they look amazing! The Spotify iOS widgets will display up to five of the recently played artists, playlists, albums or podcasts covers. Here is how to get everything set up.

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  1. Shevon Salmon says

    Get 50% off NordPass at or use a code shevon. Only $2.49/mo, plus you get an additional month for FREE!

    Thank You NordPass For Sponsoring This Video.Who likes the new widgets?

  2. Crusty Marama says

    Update then open and close and then it works 👍

  3. khaz fn says

    How do i get to use spotify in jamaica ?

  4. Кристиан Г says

    Ну тупые ! Делать новое видео ради каждого виджета в IOS и радоваться как буд-то это инновация в мире технологий…это надо быть совсем тупым и не разбираться в технике. Идет полная деградация населения, раз они так бурно реагируют на допотопные виджеты. It's innovation, johnny !!! Да, виджеты это афигеть какая инновация в мире технологий. В IOS появился новый виджет, значит надо обязательно снять об этом видео с восхищениями и криками "ИННОВАЦИЯ" !!!

  5. The Session says

    Keeep going Brodie. Proud of you

  6. DANY says


  7. ; Meik says


  8. Cole McCord says

    yo what is that background!?

  9. LeoBillz says



    Only people that came from his ios14 Custmomize can like

  11. Arahin Beltran says

    Y’all just go into your Spotify then exit it out and the widget should pop up

  12. Matej N says


  13. Ratchet says

    Apple Music widget is better

  14. Chris Vargas says

    the spotify witget is ok but it needs a next play & pause feature

  15. Alexander Carlson says

    I have granted you the name of The iPhone iOS 14 widget plug.

  16. EQuinoX050 says

    my spotify doesnt have an option

  17. 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge says

    I love this guy. I don’t know why I just do

  18. Chris b says

    Shevon ON DECK with another ONE

  19. ssj5kalel says

    My app is updated but my Spotify widget isn’t showing up

  20. Joacim Hermansson says

    Dosent work.

  21. orukele oghogho says

    All the green details in this video, nice touch 💚👍

  22. Ben Stone says

    Does anyone else think shevon sounds Irish lol

  23. Ruthless says

    Hey I love Nav

  24. Harrison Gregory says

    How do you make the Spotify widget fully green mine was brown?

  25. dirtyspongebob X says

    Where can i find that Nike wallpaper brother

  26. Jonathan Blandon says

    doesn't work for me restarted my phone. open and close spotify and updated my spotify. no pop up.

  27. Luis Flores says

    In one of your prior videos you had Shazam in your control center when you swipe down on the right side of the screen. Can you tell me how you did it. Thanks Shevon.

  28. Nathalie de Smet says

    Not in the Netherlands…

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