1. Robert Estocada says

    That's my idol in martial arts.?

  2. Gary Phipps says

    He live in Russia now

  3. maria casson says

    fatty fatty fat fat lol

  4. GunCollector007 says

    He lived near me in Staten Island years ago and was always a gentleman when we met and spoke.

  5. maria fenella galagar says

    The Lamborghini , I mean the style is much better than the Mustang , but I love Mustangs too.

  6. maria fenella galagar says

    My crush…..💓👼…..Steven….same thing with the local in here….two Stevens….😉….for good vibes….dont want to be sad.

  7. Nuno David says

    And he not open that gym in orient it was the gym of the father of his wife.

  8. Nuno David says

    Tis guy live in is lies

  9. Blane Walker says

    Hard To Grill

  10. mountainhun says

    My new favorite fandom is learning about the myriad ways Steven Seagal finds new ways to become a garbage-tier human being.

  11. Teresa Johnson says

    Steven best actor playing in movies to be cop for life.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  12. mo kushtiwala says

    I think he forgotten who he really is and is very ungrateful person since he made too many stories up and mocking other martial art stars! My dad said he was gold when he started his action film career but now he's just wants to lie, saying I made those UFC world champions with my training, their other coaches did their part but without me they wouldn't had been world champions. I knew Bruce Lee while I was in Japan aswell, I knew his son too Branden and I gave Bruse Lee advice how to become better. He is the most ungrateful man, Honestly hearing that he was the first Aikido teacher in the US, that was actually a impressive story but he fucked it! Because he was ungrateful of what he had and done by making bullshit up!

  13. dang nguyen says

    steven, why are you fat.

  14. James says

    Propper bigs himself up,, comes across as right tosser

  15. Jonathan Pardoe says

    This guy really was something .  how sad to see him bloated chubby and very uncool.  Chuck Norris who is substantialy older, would slaughter Seagal  today

  16. Foy E WALLACE says

    SAID WHAT? lord steven and the greater!!!????

  17. דנה יוסף says

    Omg his homes are stunning he must be so well off I don't believe his net worth is 16 million it may be triple than that

  18. 100 POUNDS A DAY says

    Real truth about steven seagal



  19. 100 POUNDS A DAY says

    Want to be shocked about steven seagal


  20. Glinda Conard says

    Love all his Work ❤️

  21. King Mufasa says

    All the comments, Belt is Under Siege, gym not being used, fatty, ….

  22. Dave DS says

    He's definitely one of kind. Would love to be his student any day. Lots of love respect. Respect everything he have done us love all his movies.

  23. Annamarie Hunt says

    Leave the poor man alone what’s he ever done to you guys.As for his hair.It is his hair how he wears it is his business.As for his movies some are good some not so like a lot of Actors around.The only thing is he has poor judge in men Like Putin.Now Trump oh boy .

  24. Marie Sims says

    Mr Steven I Love me Some

  25. Loven life with Robin says

    Why all the nasty words could it be your jealous!!! You people dont even know this man and your trashing him, its true ignorance is bliss.

  26. henry 370z says

    When asked what was on his bucket list, Steven replied KFC

  27. ClipsForGames says

    This should be called life story not lifestyle.

  28. Phoebe Brown says

    "Busting that nut" drives these men CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Daniel Lobo1 says

    I know there's alot of people that poke fun at this guy…but he's got some nice living spaces

  30. Mo b Dick says

    Seagal is 6' 4" wow thats big. I have never meet him. Something tells me he is a deep and caring person. All the guys trolling him – I bet none of you would stare him down..

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