Subnautica Below Zero – The Survivors Were Turned Into Leviathan Food.. – Subnautica BZ Updates


Subnautica Below Zero – The Survivors Were Turned Into Leviathan Food.. – Subnautica BZ Updates


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  1. 100%legit yes says

    Id accept the creature is dead, remember when the enzyme literally climbed over our body in the first game to cure us, makes sense it does the same to the creature

  2. Emmett Maguire says

    A big gun

  3. Håkon Holmgren says

    the arura is like 10 times bigger
    i have the game 🙂

  4. Kng says

    That Russian hello , hello my company comrade

  5. Kenki says

    I do not think the Mercury II is anywhere close to the size of the auora

  6. The winter Warrior says

    I think the biggest mystery in below sero is how the ice leviathan got frozen

  7. Stronghammer says

    Not to demystify to mystery of the MERCURY II, but the other 3 ships on 4546b all crashed for the same reason: the quarantine cannon. It's not hard to assume that a fourth ship was also shot down. And it not being an Alterra ship might explain why there are no reports of it.

  8. 3xxion says

    Are you IGP's brother cuz I swear you sound like him lol

  9. Birdhead Heavy says

    The mercury II could of crashed before the Aurora from being shot down by the G.U.N because it says that the G.U.N can shoot a lazer and crash a ship the whole way on the other side of the planet.

  10. J K says


  11. Diego Crrs says

    Why are his videos always 20 minutes long?

  12. Todor Oki says

    My cat broke my back

  13. OG DOOM Slayer says

    The Mercury is smaller than the Sunbeam, and the Sunbeam was far smaller than the Aurora. He may need to replay Subnautica if he forgot how big the Aurora is.

  14. Carmen Garcia says

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  15. extremegaming says

    ooh anorher update

  16. Lexy Mullens says

    It's less than half the sizes

  17. Richard Rahl says

    4:30 I said that in your comments in those episodes

  18. Projectionist Gaming says

    WAIT A MINUTE, if the Mercury II is "Inoperable" why is there power??

  19. Projectionist Gaming says

    Aroara is 2x as big, or even 3x

  20. Peter Krupa says

    Creature could be just hibernating, and it still didn't woke up.

  21. XxXxBaZagamingXxX X says

    Ship has enough people for over a billion of people but only one person survives ok

  22. Noe Leal says

    The gun

  23. Plant says

    Couldn’t this video have literally been five minutes of the updated Mercury II 😂 we spreadin’ it real thin these days huh 🤣

  24. Efren Pena says


  25. Rik Den Breejen says

    The mercury II, is definitely a lot smaller and them the aurora, the aurora was huge!

  26. Joshua Blakeney Jr says

    Plot twist : the survivors just dropped their stuff and went with the leviathans for a poker game

  27. Eik Randver7 says

    forget mercury 2 what the hell happend to mercury 1????

  28. Shigedibogodibagadi Bogodibagadi says

    I have megalophobia and thalassophobia at the same time so im never gonna play this game

  29. ZeroFlings TTV says

    Youve gotta think about that The Mercury has been there for a very long time. Maybe it got shot down by the giant guns scattered all over the island and it mightve been down there before the events of the first subnautica.

  30. Remoteliss says

    I want to know about what happened to you in the first game after you arrived

  31. eX0tic Dachoo says

    "maybe this is Aurora sized"
    Isn't the Mercury a little bigger than an thruster of the Aurora?

  32. Landon McCurdy says

    2:08 to skip the add

  33. Dom Hopper says

    Anthomnia, you said that you really wanted to know how the Mercury-II got split in half. Well think about this…it was added in when the shield was still in the game and we know that the shield could destroy a rocket. So maybe at that time the devs were gonna make it to where it was trying to either land on the planet or at least enter orbit and the shield activated when it was halfway through. It could be why the crew logs are still “TBD” and don’t really spawn in anymore.

    P.S. If it ain’t obvious I’m just spitballing some ideas so you and others could possibly build on up on it.

  34. Site 13 says

    Mercury II crashed 100 years ago right? the gun was only disabled a year ago…. see where im going?

  35. gweaver2006 says

    Me skipping through the ad:
    “Get yourself-“
    “-a frozen leviathan”

  36. StubblyArcher says

    Well well well what do we have here
    Another vid
    Keep it up

  37. Kaiden Patterson says

    7:57 R-Ripped in h-half…..WHAT DO YOU MEAN RIPPED IN HALF?????????

  38. Dominik Platt says


  39. DBWhale says

    Still wish the Ghost Leviathan was still here instead of that new creature

  40. Ty Clancy says

    Just commenting something that just hit me from the old subnautica I was just watching a video of all the creature sounds from subnautica 1 and one of the pictures in the video was of those weird looking Manatee like creatures that shot the bubbles from their butts I forget their actual name but I was looking at them and realize that they must be heavily infected with the virus because is it says in one of the data logs in the first game that the virus heavily mutates whatever host creature it infects and causes huge blisters to show up around the body that are green while these things literally have a giant ass that is covered in green blisters plus if you look at a pic of one the head of the thing looks like it was at one point a normal fish anyway wanted to see if anyone else had the same idea and I know this has nothing to do with below 0 just wanted to share this with people and their is no place better to do that then here 🙂

  41. V1rtUal _zer0 says

    Mommy help al-ans touching meee

  42. Kitty 7098 says

    Ngl I thought the title said they were turned into leviathans

  43. themelonboi says

    I wish the original subnautica had multiplayer
    Cause then you could make a working crew

    Side note what if the aurora crashed a total of three minute before the guy from the degassi died

  44. TheTrueGhosty Boi says

    Just to say that YES Marguarite got infected with the Karraa in the first game , as if you look in the voice records of the father , the son and her. The son clearly said "Did you see that we all cough and started feeling a little sick ?" And Marguarit clearly agreed with him. So maybe she was infected but only on stage 1 to 3 of the bacteria. Stage 4 is when you got the green spots on your hands. So maybe the time she floated away on the reaper head , our character was there at the same time , curing the Karraa on the planet. After that the Emperor younglings went away in the void , clearing the Karraa away from it.

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