1. Paul V says

    As always, Thanks David! 🙌

  2. Agnes Maria says

    When I started with your stuff, David, I had no money and only trauma. By applying your techniques, I have come to the point where I am no longer in deficit, no longer suffering constantly, and actually starting to make (and save) money. By these same techniques that I have learned from you, I have assisted countless friends with everything from panic attacks, to marital problems, to business issues. Thanklessly, in most cases. It is time to give back, both to you, and to myself. It is a long road but I am in it for the long haul.

  3. Watch! says

    Just kidding…31:54

  4. Watch! says

    Starts at 24:24

  5. ghost writer says

    Skill is rank facts

  6. Gavrila Emanuela says

    Dr. Snyder is one of the best NLP instructor I know.Great seminar, very helpful. Thank you!

  7. Maciej Artur says

    Hello Dr. David. With this webinar, I would like to learn how to change my beliefs, find out what to fix to get rid of sleeping apnea and change my wifes beliefs and bad moods without her knowing it 👍

  8. Bahram Ha says

    How much time does it take to change your Identity deeply, to build new Neuron system in your Brain?

  9. ghost writer says

    Is it really true Napoleon hill died broke and Clement stone bailed him out in life

  10. Eric McDonough says

    ‘This isn’t gonna be just your average 90 minute webin…{WEBINAR#

  11. Agnes Maria says

    A real trip through the nervous system. Thank you so much, David.

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