1. Devon Ritchie says

    Was gonna get one till I watched this video and found out you have to build it, oh well so much for that I'm just not interested in wasting my time building a toy

  2. Dragon Tan says

    Hi there, this kit can fit with square pack lipo?


    does it come with electronics?

  4. kate davenporty says

    i'd quite like to try those wheels out on a scania r620 to make an even better racing truck , i always thought they should make a racing truck , and i too wonder why tamiya don't pre-cut those sticker haha ! .

  5. shaggybuddzz says

    Nice kit dude….how much?

  6. SmithyJ_ says

    What bleach did you use on those wheels?

  7. jurgen meier says

    nice, still waiting for my one to arrive at my hobby shop in Australia . so much for world wide release that they said.

  8. chute55 says

    Just got one today, I got some donuts drift wheels for it as well as I want a drift truck.

  9. Sponge1310 says

    Does this set contain any specific parts to make it a truck, or is it just the wheel/tires and body that's different from the normal tt01?

  10. Vania Borba says


  11. JaxXxonVille says

    Thank you so much sir!

  12. Chris M Collecting says

    Let me just say that is awesome!

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