The Best of Sicily


Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on This tour of Sicilian highlights starts in Palermo, where we’ll sing with the merchants in the markets, join locals in their passeggiata, drop in on a contessa, and marvel at the Romanesque cathedral of Monreale. Then we’ll sip wine on the slopes of Mount Etna, munch cannoli, ponder Greek temples at Agrigento, admire Roman mosaics at the Villa of Casale, and marvel at the view from the Greek theater in Taormina.

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  1. Daisy Cepe says

    Its so nice place

  2. Somewhat Sane says

    Anybody else watching this because of school 😂

  3. Madeline Vasquez says

    my grandmother moved from sicily to usa in 1925. i hope to visit there some day. thanks for a great video.

  4. Wandering in Motion says

    would love to one day make videos like rick!

  5. Quế Đan Nguyễn says

    I like the type of video

  6. Roberto Galletti says

    I am from Palermo and no, I have no idea what they were shouting in the ballarò market

  7. ScottishTamburello says

    We move here TODAY!!! We will be driving from the North to Sicily, follow our adventure on Instagram pamela_tamburello Chapter 2-House Purchase!!!

  8. Super JSG says

    The Godfather

  9. Alexander says

    I moved to Italy (Veneto region) two months ago from the states, I have so many vacation days added up just waiting to go to sicily for weeks! I can’t wait until covid is done!!

  10. John Bascietto says

    Now I know why my family yells a lot 😱🙏

  11. Chris and Ana says

    We have been to Sicily last July 2020, highly recommend Cefalu! You can see the video of our road trip on the channel 🙂

  12. Harry Fotopoulos says

    Sicily is a greek island the people are different

  13. srhg sga says

    New Kid on the Block ,? Prat

  14. Steven Khol says

    It is said from some books that Sicily is a poor place in Italy.

    This is why lots of sicilians move outside of Italy.

    Next year I maybe visit the place.

  15. tanyanike says

    Love the outtakes at the end! 😂

  16. Brother SMan says

    Sicily is beautiful – it is definitely worth a visit

  17. Cat's paw says

    Thank You, Rick Steve's
    for taking me to Europe,
    while in my living room 💞

  18. stan orr says

    You left out the conquest of Sicily by the Carthergians! The Carthegians were settlers originating in the Mediterranean coast of the Near East. They spoke Canaanite, a Semitic language since they were also Canaanites.   I met a Sicilian who told me that their ancestry from the Carthergians is a sticking point with Italians. He told me that many Italians don't consider Sicilians to be Italians because of their mixed heritage. After all Rome fought how many Punic Wars with the Carthergians?

  19. Careful Consumer says

    My neighbor is from Sicily and makes the best red sauce in the world!

  20. Immanuele Simonelli says

    Many things you said are wrong, there’s actually marble mountains near Palermo every time I go to San Vito lo capo near Palermo I see the marble mountain being cut into

  21. Immanuele Simonelli says

    And yea Sicily May be small compared to The states in America but there’s so much that I offers and a lot to do it’s a huge island with great culture

  22. Immanuele Simonelli says

    Mafia started just to protect themselves because many countries were taking over, all it was was protecting them selves had nothing to do with “crime”

  23. Grim Reaper says

    Seems like mosques has been completely destroyed

  24. phi hoang says

    Just reading God Father, love Sicily ❤️

  25. T Kastrioti says

    for several hundred years the Albanians have lived in Sicily and before that Albania has given so much to the Romans with their own princes and warriors but nowhere do you say I did not hear a word in this video but the same is with wikpedia you do not say it is so you wanted hide part of the story it is sin and unfair

  26. Luigi Far says

    Grazie mille.

  27. Jane Knowles says

    Love always, to-watch Rick steves

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