1. chevreherd says

    I'm gonna really really miss Trump disco dancing if this doesn't all come together

  2. Colleen Swisher says

    Hi from wi

  3. chevreherd says

    Orange zone LAWS in nyc??

  4. Rhonda Beard says

    Hi from Ky

  5. Lone Janiger says

    https://youtu.be/uR77wlO3i5M Found this song today about masks, governors, Gates, etc. Definitely not for the younger ones , but wow I can relate.

  6. Barry Jeter says

    A way for truth will always be made available!

  7. Kelley Rakow says

    You don't need to. Your site is up and running. Ppl will find you.

  8. Christina Leigh says

    Why does nearly every video I see of a liberal losing its mind, they have purple or blue hair?

  9. James Malone says

    Awesome Case studies, love hearing those & so excited to share some with you too before long LYA.


  10. Ascension 2020 says

    That's a clone and it's an afternoon unit. Hilarious.

  11. Kelly Ann says

    These liberal politicians are so disingenuous

  12. Teri Richie says

    Have y'all seen this video? Omgosh!!! It's AWESOME!!!!

  13. Walter Vanderpool says

    Watching from Avon Park Fl. Facebook is going down!!!

  14. Kelly Ann says

    Instagram deleted my account that I had since 2012. I don’t care except for all the pictures of my kids that were there

  15. Spartacus 68 says

    Hi fellow patriot what time are you having Jason q on that guy is awesome

  16. Sanford's Attic says

    $225k annual salary for 2020 before perks

  17. Carrol Hudspeth says

    Your name always came up 1st, for me to kep up with your post.. I reposted most everything you posted… so why have I not been suspended?

  18. JD182 says

    How do you treat those parasites? I have TMJ problems with my jaw. it opens crooked and shifte to the right. lots of clicking and too much space on 1 side. even when chewing food my right side will move outward making my face wider and less atractive

  19. Legions says

    Cuomo is a bellend.  Newsom is a bellend.  Both were elected using Dominion software, if you know what I mean

  20. Bruce Chen says

    The Taiwanese MAGA group of over 3k people and the administrator account also got deletes by FB a couple of weeks ago

  21. Bruce Chen says

    It just happen today. It's so unameican. Screw Facebook

  22. Scott Brady says

    Hey, Jason. Love the show

  23. Belinda Marston says

    Are they really going to make are military and their families take the vaccine? Mandatory?

  24. Helena Monica says

    When did our elected officials act like douches? Ohhhhh in 2020 they came out like roaches for water

  25. Elaine Hatcher says

    Brave TV sounds awesome people want truthful content and are tired of being told what to think.

  26. Belinda Marston says

    Clouthub should be up soon!

  27. Catherine Franklin says

    I had so much clenching that I've broken 2 bite guards and the 3rd one has shifted my teeth completely so my bite is off entirely and would need braces again.

  28. Vivian Campbell says


  29. Jake Pennington says

    That reminds me when you put a 4 year-old to bed and he doesn't want to go to bed

  30. Jake Pennington says

    Really sucks when the msn is not on your side home buddy not to mention you're just spiting gibberish really

  31. Catrina Lumley says

    I got your email love… ThankQ xxx

  32. AJ says

    How do you even get parasites in hair fociles?

  33. Sylvia Briggs says

    Last 2 videos yes possibly

  34. Frances Schluss says

    how much will brave TV cost

  35. mikeymusic1- Ambient Cinematic Music says

    Very grateful your still on here will support you wherever you may be from Australia 🙂

  36. Elaine Ahner says

    Go drive your chrome rolls royce

  37. Southern Justice with The Cajun says

    You sure Ezra is the best guy for the DOD civilian position? What if the left has someone um …. better than Ezra? 😬

  38. matthew turpin says

    Jason , you should join Dlive its a awesome platform , all the Patriots are on this platform , you can live streami on this platform

  39. Sanford's Attic says

    You know Grandma who’s dishes are no longer washed properly? She is bringing the mac and cheese to the pot luck. Go ahead and risk your health for free food.

  40. Lisa Lynn says

    I think the march one was when they thought president Trump was with them on covid. When they find out he isnt he with them covid went crazy along with politicians

  41. Elaine Ahner says

    We love you

  42. Laurie says

    Have you thought about going to Rumble?

  43. Activation Codes 🔥💚🔥 says

    Lets talk about suicide…https://youtu.be/p7lyuvi4qZY
    DON'T DO IT ! 🌿🙏🍃

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