1. Buddy Pine says

    What happen to the video?

  2. Parker Raines says

    I had this game as a kid I could never get past this boss it just pissed me off

  3. Luis Briones says

    I play like a pro looking this dude play

  4. KingAhondo 12 says

    Still love the movie

  5. that video game kid says

    Thee movie is better

  6. Chris Anderson says

    this version could easily defeat mr incredible

  7. Leonardo R.C. says

    One of the hardest bosses in any game, especially for a rated E game! 

  8. julian fishman says

    What is Mr Incredible saying??? 7:29

  9. TheWaluigiking says

    Ah yes this level…

  10. Flopd M says

    this boss made me rage so much!

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