The Road Through Vietnam [Travel Documentary Trailer]


Trailer for my upcoming documentary where Von “Fluff” and Lindsey motorbike across Vietnam! Traveling from Saigon to Hanoi, over 1700 miles in just 11 days.

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Features Music by :

Studio Kolomna
Audio Pizza

Louis Vivet – Silvia(feat. Jordan Humphrey)

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  1. Rhykker says

    Dude, holy shit. This is legit incredible. Blown away. Is this what you do professionally? Because if not, damn, you can do this professionally. It was perfect. Just… everything. The use of music; the narrative flow; the pacing; the cinematography. Wow. Stunning.

  2. Sandi Štrukelj says

    Next year visit Slovenia.

  3. VietPho says

    Can't wait to see the whole movie 🙂

    R.I.P Clan ND.

    Make us Proud.

  4. Ricardo Marez says

    Holy moly! Vietnam looks verdant AF

  5. Arnold Loye says

    How much u pay for the Kim bike u riding? U rent it?

  6. LaxerFL says

    You have an amazing life! Looking forward to the full video of this trip!
    And I love your D3 videos!! Keep up the great work and I'll keep hitting that Thumbs Up button!!

  7. Sarah Staten says

    So neat!

  8. Đức Nguyễn says

    Subscribed, can't wait for the full version

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