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Welcome to the Sonic The Hedgehog
Hangout + Roleplay Livestream! The first and best Sonic Roleplay Stream to date! Roleplay, Meet new people, make friends, or just hangout! This is a peaceful and friendly chat where we just love Sonic! ^-^ Anything is allowed as long as you’re not breaking any of the rules below! This stream is 24/7! 😀

NEW!: Join the NEW S Sonic Roleplay Chat Discord Server!
This is a good place to roleplay and chat with others when this stream is offline! You can also report rule breakers to me or the Moderators in our server!

NOTE – The stream might have to temporarily go offline sometimes, due to some Internet troubles. Please understand that my Internet isn’t perfect, and I’m always trying my very best to fix it and bring the stream back online ASAP. Thanks everyone 🙂

1. No spam! This is very annoying for many people, and doing it will result in a timeout. Continuing to spam on a daily basis will result in a ban.

2. No abusing mod! This is for the moderators.
Abusing your mod will result in it being taken away.

3. No sexual content or inappropriate behavior. Just don’t. This stream is for ALL ages!

4. No disrespecting others! Don’t bully/harass
other people.

5. No asking for mod! Asking for mod will just lower your chance in being a moderator in the future.

6. No using alternate accounts to avoid a time out or ban! If you break the rules and get a temporary time out/ban, don’t use an alt account to come back into the chat and do it again as it will waste your time and you will continue to be banned on your accounts.

7. No advertising product/channel unless you are allowed to! Doing so will result in a timeout.

8. Don’t come into the chat to hate on Sonic The Hedgehog/the fanbase. This is a stream for everyone to enjoy chatting and roleplaying.

9. Greet everyone new! Show that you notice them, and maybe offer them to join in your roleplay! Please don’t try to ignore people to an extreme. Welcoming them to the stream and noticing them is a great act of kindness and respectfulness and we really appreciate it :3

10. Please do NOT talk about anything depressing nor talk about self harm. We want this to be a place of happiness and peace of mind.

11. Have fun! 😀

Friday’s through Sundays: Music Requests!
New Nightbot Song Requests are in effect every Friday and Saturday! Type the following commands in the chat to request songs, see the current songs, see the song playlist, etc.
NOTE – Nightbot in this stream does NOT Time out or ban any users. It is ONLY in this stream for song requests.

Type !songrequest (song name) to request a song

Type !currentsong to see the current song playing

Type !songlist to see the list of songs and the current songs in the queue.

Message me on Discord (S Sonic#2204) if you have any questions, comments, reports, or suggestions and I will try to get back to you as soon I can ^-^

Enjoy your stay and have fun! Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications so you can join my live streams easier, and so you know when I go live!

To be a eligible for being a moderator, you must follow all of the chat rules, you will have to had been in the chat for at least 2 months+, you must be active in the chat, and the mods in the mod chat will have to vote on you for being a mod. 🙂 I will also mod people that I trust myself.


1. Q: Is just Sonic The Hedgehog content allowed in the chat?

Nope! Anyone can chat about anything and roleplay in any other franchise, but the stream is mostly Sonic based.

2. Q: CaN I bEcOmE mOd?!



This isn’t a question, but I always hear this ALL THE TIME! I’m very sorry for when the stream goes offline, but please, PLEASE understand I’m always trying my best to bring it back. Thank you. :3

4. Q: Can I be unbanned/can you unban my friend?

If you have broken a rule too many times, a moderator will ban you from the stream, therefore you can not be unbanned, unless you get in contact with me or the moderators and you are able to prove that you will change your behavior.

If you believe that you were treated unfairly, such as, you were banned for no reason, please get in contact with me through Discord (S Sonic#2204) or you can email me at, and I will take care of the situation.

Current Channel Managers – Eclipse The Hedgehog 👀, T Tails, Raz, Nevaeh The Wolf

All stream backgrounds and music were not created by me and they belong to their rightful owners.

Music playlist that I created for the stream:

Support the stream: (ignore this link, I don’t have donations on)

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