The ULTIMATE Giant SEAFOOD Fry!!! Rare Malay Village Food + BEST Street Food Tour of Terengganu!!!


Get ready for a FULL-ON village food + street food tour of the east coast of Malaysia!!!
►More Street Food in Malaysia (Part 3):
Today we’re having the ULTIMATE Village Laksa and then going for a FULL on Street Food Tour up to Terengganu, Malaysia!! I hope you love this street food video!!!

Get ready for some of the MOST UNIQUE street food in Asia!! Malaysia has some of the most delicious and best street food in the world!! You’re going to love these street food videos on my channel (The Food Ranger), so make sure to click the subscribe button to see more of these food vlogs!

Today, I’m (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) teaming up with my buddy Shaffan for some very UNIQUE Terengganu style Laksa – cooked village style!! This may be the BEST LAKSA in THE WORLD!! You need to see this!!!
►Cooked at Laksa Gandum Ciksu in Kampung Jambu Bongkok in Terengganu, Malaysia!!!

After this , we’re bringing you in just 500m down the street to a rare Malay stew called Bubur Asyura. It’s only cooked once per year and we just randomly got so lucky to see it and taste it!

And then after this we’re making our way into Terengganu, Malaysia to start our Terengganu street food tour. But first up, on the way, we found an incredible Malay street food snack just right on the roadside, the bahulu pancake! You need to see this!!

►Shop name: Akok Bahulu Rhu Rendang

And to finish up the night, we’re going to the top rated and commonly referred to as the BEST FRIED SEAFOOD restaurant in Terengganu, the Ikan Celup Tepung at Warung pok nong!!!
►Found at: Jalan Pantai, A1693, T145, Kampung Teliput, 21030 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu


I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed video!!!

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  1. The Food Ranger says

    I hope you enjoy the video! This was one of the most amazing experiences we've ever had, thanks to my buddy Shaffan for inviting us out to his village house here to try one of the BEST laksa's in the world!! And then we found a very unique and rare village stew before driving up north to Terengganu! Hope you're enjoying this road trip series! This video is my favourite one so far in the series! Make sure to follow along behind the scenes http://www.instagram.comt/thefoodranger

  2. ครูแพ พากิน says


  3. Craig O'Brien says

    Have loved these Malaysia videos. Who knew the east coast had such amazing beaches and food. Thank you.

  4. sapik mon says

    Nampak sedappp!!!


    that classic Malaysian "bye" 😂 byEeeEeee

  6. Riki Rivaldo says

    That its like Tuak hhah

  7. A Pan says

    🤣 That drink! Poor Trevor lol!

  8. 야미뉴스 YummyNews says

    The sea is so beautiful🥰👍

  9. right person says

    Wow 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻great video and u guys been lucky to taste that Ashura food they cook once in a year

  10. Mael Channel88 says

    Welldone food ranger…thanks for come my hometown terengganu…last part u drink Tuak awasome

  11. Mahesh Varan says

    Come and explore Deep INDIAN spicy food in every State

  12. Ling Yang says

    ranger looks strong than used to be

  13. kamarul hisham says

    terengganu absolutely is the most beautiful state in malaysia… it have so many beaches

  14. kamarul hisham says

    terengganu state so beautiful

  15. Akshay Gupta says

    Great food

  16. Midzie Saari says

    Finally malaysia..

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    Brother! Come and join with TAMILNADU FOODS! You'll get excited more bro! I'll guide you man! Unbelievable tasty food are here!

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    Bro can you com tamil nadu……….. 😋😋😋😋😋

  19. MR FUNNY moment says

    Wow you in malaysia you shoult go to pulau tioman

  20. 416 rem says

    Deep fried seafood looks wonderful as did the noodles

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  22. Ayden Chi says

    Covid tour

  23. Fadhzli Samsura says

    That drink is called air nira or tuak kelapa..a sap from coconut flowers or stem..taste a bit weird but i love it..bring it to boil and it will be coconut sugar (gula melaka) 🤤🌴🥥

  24. Gangster Style & HD says

    Love malaysia from uzbekistan. Salomaleykum malaysia

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    Next review in Bangladesh

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    Nice place to live

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