This CRASH Ended A Drivers RACE! (F1 2020 My Team #17)


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  1. Lewis Gray says

    Josh, do you think the only way to overtake is to dive?

  2. Mile High YSD says

    Josh, doing a flashback "for the content" is such a cop-out. The content is much better if he sticks with the results that he causes. We know you just don't want to lose the points. Also turn strict enforcement on. Just running over corners because you know they will just give you a warning is bullshit.

  3. Max McCart says

    Why is there smoke coming out the front wing????

  4. St53 says

    It’s dead that he just resets if he makes a mistake, what’s the point in racing if ur just gonna remove the chance of dropping positions

  5. Luke Miller says

    Josh save ur points

  6. dot f1 lounge says

    Josh you can have steups for your car on different tracks to make u a little faster then the rest of the pack

  7. xxxbanger xxx says

    Series of game i love and a youtuber i love 10/10

  8. Official Watson says

    oi josh get back on the steering wheel

  9. BMO Beatz says

    is dds not a thing anymore?

  10. Henry Buckley says

    Make a video with the sidemen and lando it would bang put it on the main aswelll

  11. Matt Boyes says

    Josh aitken isnt better than norris just the sidemen car is better as u showed by closing up to carlos but zanvoort is hard to overtake so sign lando and he will get into the points

  12. Emil Stenholt says

    Sign Carlos Sainz

  13. King Speed says

    30:11 you mean like forever?? f1 memes lol

  14. Mehdi Sogheir says

    I swear in french it is pronounced as QUAI even if it is written as QU'EST? It means Who?

  15. marco bernard says

    Haha you are a very bad loser mate, you made 2 big mistakes!! first drove into Saintz and you spon out en you started that part over, and straight after that you spon on the curbes and started that part over to…. I think you than shouldt take your deveat and go on after the spin

  16. pukeylukey199 says

    Watching qualifying then when adverts come I watch this.

  17. Jacamo Mandem says

    Up the difficulty cuz u should not be that high up based of the r&d chart

  18. Smithy 123 says

    Maybe do longer races instead of doing 2 in 1 episode

  19. TOP SMOKE 420 says

    He chatting rubbish I can tell there’s auto braking on

  20. Jake Davies says

    Funny how he ditches the wheel after 2 episodes with it

  21. Jay Johnston says

    Can u make a series on fifa career mode

  22. Luka Popovic says

    Use the overtake button

  23. sxints_ says

    “I’m driver of the day” can’t even bloody avoid flashbacking

  24. sxints_ says

    It’s annoying he dosent follow racing line well

  25. Hayden McDonald says

    how did josh get his mini map of the track like that ?

  26. GTA glitches says

    does anyone know what difficulty josh plays on??

  27. Lucas Renaud says

    tiametmarduk also had a wet race in his second dutch gp but he won there

  28. HatlessGem15489 says

    legit all he does when he messes up is flashback how is he even meant to improve…

  29. Niels D'hondt says

    Inside is key in turn 1 at Zandvoort

  30. RRuudeboy says

    You know harder compounds have less tire wear right? You’re doing 10 laps on softs but mediums for 12 is too much? The softs drop off in performance way more making the mediums the better tire after a few laps

  31. Gourav Mittal says

    drug dealer???

  32. TheSliderKidd 86 says

    Didn’t know there was a driver called Still.

  33. Luka Rados says

    hello hello hello ? love from germany ?

  34. Levi says

    That first race was so good

  35. Achyut Madhavan says

    46:22 was sublime

  36. shasky taveras says

    I really don’t understand why you did that? Why would you back up like that

  37. Parker Crossland says

    Josh needs to upgrade his car to be better on overtakes. He spent a good chunk of the first race trying to get past Kvyat but his car just can't catch on straights. The dive is his only overtake tactic and after like lap 2 it doesn't really work.

  38. Ðraconas says

    Is Josh on full traction control? I would spin out IMMEDIATELY if I just put my foot down after a turn like he does

  39. Amit D says

    Can anyone explain what DRS is ?

  40. Saketh says

    Chnage your engine to Mercedes ! The engine is super fast !!!!

  41. Mihir Vivek says

    Don't go on rich at the very beginning, it consumes way too much fuel.

  42. Elliot Scholes says

    Do a packed out “finale” where you do a club tour and then a best packs from the series compilation

  43. stick man says

    Don't sign lando sign max

  44. adam sierak says

    Why didn't Josh use cockpit view when he used the wheel for a few races?

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