1. Gaming Fan Rio Inkling says

    Never feed Waluigi fried chicken.

  2. wishiwashi plays says

    My guy pulled an scp on me

  3. Sparrow prince entertainment says

    Me: Gives Mii some string cheese.
    Mii: Turns gray and melts into the floor.
    Also me: Yeah… I am definitely going to be charged with murder…

  4. Sarah Lilly says

    When Beef Boss ate a cheeseburger

  5. Meagan Joyce says

    I fed my mii some milk, And my look alike was melted on the floor!

  6. Sunday Jay says

    I got so scared to see creeper get ded

  7. Sorcha Payne says

    Imao this just reminds me of the face of my mii when I fed it something that bad

  8. Yoshi the Yoshi says

    Note to self: Never give Cameron olives

  9. PK says

    Be grateful you little-

  10. 「 ramen noodles 」 says

    this scared the shit out of me honestly the first time lmao

  11. Ashton says

    Johnny hated the cheese.

  12. Gavan's Command Block says

    me when eventube started playing fortnite 24/7

  13. TheBlur2010 says

    This really scared me a bit when this first happened to me 😂

  14. Hatsune Miku says

    Me: Here's your Veggie Burger my Mii Clone!
    Mii: eats veggie burger
    Also Mii: turns gray and melts

  15. yOuR fRiEnD sPeAkUs cHiNeSe 루시퍼 says

    I gived a scone to kotaro and then he melted, I was like: OH SHIT HERE WE GO AGAIN

  16. yOuR fRiEnD sPeAkUs cHiNeSe 루시퍼 says

    Me: *gives scone to kotaro*

    Kotaro:*Turns gray and melt*


  17. SprinklesTheCaticorn says

    Vaporeon’s reaction to Fried seafood…

  18. RyanEpic45 says

    the music that plays when my mom tells me that I’m adopted

  19. cheeto girl says

    How in the name of SWEET BABY JESUS do you not like ice-cream? It’s ice-cream! C’mon, Satan Mii!

  20. L Vara says

    When you feed beef boss a cheeseburger

  21. Literalicity. says

    he died to the salad

  22. The Moon Man says

    I just fed Chicken to Rick Sanchez and he FUCKING DIED

  23. Timeless says

    My Mii told me they wanted to eat fruit.

    I gave them a Peach.

    …guess what happened.

  24. T H E E G O O R B says

    Mii: (hates food)
    Also Mii: (turns into SCP-106)

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