Top 10 Health Foods That Are Actually Bad For You


Turns out eating healthy is even harder than you imagined. For this list, we’ll be looking at food items that are often touted as being healthy, when in reality they can be anything but. Our countdown includes Diet Soda, Veggie Patties/Burgers, Margarine, Protein Bars, Smoothies, and more! What do YOU think is the most unhealthy healthy food? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. says

    What do YOU think is the most unhealthy healthy food? Let us know in the comments!

  2. Ira Williams says

    This list echoes a Dr. House quote: "Everybody lies."

  3. Keshet Aylonit says

    Wait, people thought frozen yogurt was healthy? Seriously?

  4. Moraya Walls says

    I’m just here for a good time, not a long time 🤙🏼

  5. marvel fanboy 12 says

    7:43 the simpsons treehouse of horror taught me that

  6. Lauren Steenkamp says

    Not all people that are sensitive to gluten have Coeliac, my mother for instance only became intolerant to gluten (and several other things) in her early- mid 20's. Before then she was completely fine eating bread

  7. tenacious645 says

    This is not a top 10 though

  8. Asha Yadav says

    The only healthy food i will buy if it has a tag : Price Free

  9. Kole Larson says

    I don't think we can win with the foods and drinks we all have these days. Junk food is bad for us, some health food is bad for us. We can't drink this, we can't drink that, we can't eat these and we can't eat those. Personally I'll just sit back and relax and just enjoy the foods and worry about the conciquences later in life.

  10. Kevin M. says

    One of the ads during this video was for a product that's selling point is being "Gluten Free". 🤦🏻‍♂️ Lol.

  11. redmario7 says

    I didn't expect froyo to be unhealthy, but only once or twice a week.

  12. Byrd IsDaWord says

    I do high fat, low carb, no sugar (or as little as possible) heavy on the veggies and intermittent fast. Lost 80lbs. Anything that says fat or sugar free watch out 👀

  13. jczerzzz says

    Got an interrupting ad for a gluten free bread company. Best ad division ever

  14. Daniel Lewis says

    If it taste good, it's bad for you.

  15. Mykol Haro says

    I knew about the Gatorade and Powerade hazard, a doctor told me when I was 10 lol if you don’t sweat a lot from a work out don’t drink it!

  16. Spencer Esguerra says

    Gatorade in the Philippines : drank if sick

  17. VideoGameFan 1998 says

    This is the top 20 Unhealthy Health Foods not top 10. BTW, I didn't have problem with these Health Foods such as Diet Soda, Yogurt, Smoothies, Fruit Juice, Low Fat Milk, etc, but some health foods that I wasn't intended to such as Veggie Burger, Veggie Chips, Gluten Free Snacks, Sports Drinks, Energy Bars, Margarine, Bran Muffins, Packaged Salads, etc.

  18. magusxxx says

    I remember back in the 1980's there was an episode of Donohue where the nutritionist said the worst thing you could give your kid was Gatorade. Because at that time no extensive long term study had been done on its effects to the human body. Especially those of teenagers. According to the nutritionist, "This is one of the only products on the market that's completely artificial. And we can't get a study started because of interference by politicians influenced by pro sports owners."

  19. Clayton Baker says

    Welp, can’t wait for a video called Top ten times Watchmojo screwed up their videos 😆

  20. Kevin Steinbrink says

    This list is so American it gave me diabetes.

  21. Javier Santana Avilés says

    12:50 I love smoothies, I do one myself with strawberries and lemon sherbet

  22. Kevin Hrankowski says

    I have a good friend who suffers from seliac, so much so that she dipped a French fry into tartar sauce I was using for my fish and chips and it disabled her for the night.

    Gluten free is not more healthy, it's just for people who's body's can't.

  23. Bijou says

    Your title is wrong.

  24. Cat Charlie says

    Title is about as misleading as the said "health foods" on this list. Go figure.

  25. Carlos B says

    Anyone with a brain should already know by now that "diet" soda isn't healthy at alllll

  26. Grrrrandall says

    Best advice I heard when shopping: stick to the outside isles of the store. Don’t go down isles.

  27. youthrevisitedagain says


  28. The Pandosaurie says

    Half of this video is: problem with the us

  29. baldrian22 says

    so happy salmon wasent on the list 😀 (I Love fish, salmon, trout, mackrel, cod etc)

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