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Warung Chain: Go Food Express is a fast paced cooking game from the makers of Ramen Chain

You will play as a warung (small street food in Indonesian) owner trying to share happiness through good delicious food.

Cook and serve delicious foods ranging from snacks, breakfast, lunch, to dinner.

Fast reflex, quick thinking and an appetite for famous Indonesian foods is what it takes to play this game!
Loads of hungry customers craving for express service in front of your shop, make them happy!

Experience local kindness and play through various popular tourist destinations spots in Indonesia, Encounter diverse customers and obtain knowledge about delicious Indonesian foods and culture.

Now do you have what it takes to become a foodpreneur? test your skill in Go Food Express! make the customer happy, beat your friends’ High score or help them to progress, the choice is up to you!

One thing for sure, Customer satisfactions guaranteed!!

Simple, Precise fast-paced Tap and Swipe control
Compete with your friends
Real Rewards with Kadosaku*
Special stage and Challenges updated daily

*(only available in Indonesian Region)

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  1. najmaliya zahira putri says

    kok level 61 yg stage Bali gabisa kebukaaa???

  2. sabrina kumiko says

    HELPPPP!!! Stage 40 took ages!!!!

  3. hektor 14 says

    Banyak orang luar negeri mainan nih game

  4. عبدالله صمدان says


  5. Alvian Dwiramadhan S says

    Permainan bagus

  6. Lucia Irene says

    ihhh gila keren bgtt

  7. Geronimo Gideon says

    jeniuss sumpah

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