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Welcome to Part 2 of my Football Manager 2021 Beta save with Leicester CIty in the Premier League. In this first FM21 lets play episode we spend far more money than we should have been able to and play our first couple of matches of FM21.

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My PC Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1700, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD, 2TB Hard Drive

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  1. vbddfy euuyt says

    So glad to watch you again kev, really helps us all in this difficult times

  2. bouytt guyt says

    Kev's ended up on the trending page with this Yessir

  3. Dean Sawyer says

    Abit behind with this, But with the subs I would have put Maddison to DLP and put either Perez or Barnes out wide.

  4. ceerw buty says

    rotational purposes

  5. Lee Armstrong says


    "Me boss me boss!…"

    "Sit down Kalechi…."


  6. Family Email says

    How do you get to see the subs on the right side. Mine doesn’t have it and it looks much better & easier. Someone help asap !!

  7. Casual Fox says

    The fact you got 12 million for Gray well Sir you are genius.

  8. Ferdinand Gould says

    already loving the new videos Kev, you look so much more at ease in the new working environment and everything feels even more polished and xlear than it did. Keep it up!

  9. eioshen boboi says

    Started my first FM21 save at Lyon and Aouar is keeping my midfield strong!

  10. Jamie Hamilton says

    That Vardy chip was insane

  11. Dean Wood says

    Is that your new saying of the month Kev? 'We have ruined them' 😂

  12. Steve Emmerson says

    You need Dennis praet in the squad he'd have been ideal to bring on against Tottenham. Use Maddison in the tielemans role too

  13. Nikki F says

    Who were the 3 free transfer players you signed couldn’t see as cam in way? Great vid again

  14. roy carter says

    Could you do a video on how you do your transfer deals? Trying to sign players for on my save and cannot get deals like you do 😥

  15. Jibola O says

    I think you could have gotten Ikone on loan, and stuck with under next season. He’s quite promising. Maybe someone of more quality like Kulusevski

  16. chrystal dwyer says

    your wage budget is 1 million

  17. PixelStacker says

    Pronunciation guide (well, approximate anglicisations anyway, Portuguese/Turkish/French speakers, don't at me…): 100%!

  18. Mr. Ovalle says

    awesome goals from Vardy!

  19. Yoma Music says

    Who else liked??

  20. simples1976 says

    Kev's ended up on the trending page with this

  21. victoria helburn says


  22. Gav P says

    Çağlar Söyüncü ….
    Pronounced as it sounds.
    Çağlar = Cag-lar
    Söyüncü = Soy-un-chew
    Languages… with Gav P…. science!!!🤣🤣

  23. Sanzhar Kurmanguzhin says

    sorry but so far hating this new set up for FM 21, hearts for Stamina? what are we 12?
    ok i can understand they might want to simplify it for new Players and Young ones but as kev said making everything dependable on Colour and shape is terribly inacurate also hard but not even mentioning Colour blind People to orientate.

  24. Jamie Humphries says

    Does anyone know if buying FM21 on steam will give me access to FM21Touch once it's released? Thanks

  25. Jed Gatheru says


  26. Chicken Fried Jimbob says

    I am sure last year you had the match speed one notch higher?

  27. Colin Kelly says

    I’ve watched 3 first game saves with different pl teams. All played Spurs at home and all won 3 or 4 nil 😴

  28. R D says

    So you loan out Fofana because he is not 3 stars, and then you buy a player at the same level, makes no sense. You should have given Fofana a good run of games, I'm sure he will develop very quickly into a 3 star player. Also you should do some research and learn how the star system works.

  29. charles asamoah boadi says

    I'm English and it's "bay-ta"

  30. Josh Talbot says

    Caio does have insane jumping reach and heading so aiming for him isn't a bad idea

  31. Sondra WM says

    “it worked out for Leeds in the end”. Indeed

  32. Olly Collins says

    Commenting to make youtube love Kev as much as I do.

  33. Minitell says

    Dunno what to make of spurs, they seem rubbish in fm21. I thrashed them with Villa in my beta save too, and they are down in relegation after 10 games.

  34. Akinola. says

    lovely suit Kev

  35. William Wren says

    Rodrigo "Chow" and "Chal-yar Suh-yon-chu".

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