Transfers, Match Engine & Player Interaction in FM21 | Football Manager 2021 New Feature Showcase


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Earlier today Football Manager showcased some of the new features of FM21, including updates to player interaction, transfers and the match engine. In this video, I react to the new feature announcements and give my thoughts on how Football Manager 2021 is shaping up!

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  1. FreedomIsSlavery says

    Urgh, the interactions and press stuff is by far the worst part of the game and so their solution for this is MORE of it?

  2. Gregstaaar says

    Ofcourse, the same old match engine, LMA 2005 had far better graphics, lazy as fuck, and getting boring now, been the same for about 12 years.

  3. Marius Hegli says

    What. A. Shirt. Wow.

  4. Lother says

    Every year I look forward to winning the Premier League with Newcastle, and every year I end up managing in Italy

  5. Michael Elliott says

    Pray for better regen faces!
    Also a few different colour base skins would be nice

  6. Kim Barner says

    Odd that they call these new features – it's honestly more like tweaks!

  7. hochsen hochsen says

    Presenting it as new features seems wrong, mostly polish. Love the game and will play it very much but would appreciate them being more honest, but maybe I am wrong and it is more than it looks like. The game often looks terrible without downloading a skin (and logos, facepacks) and if they polish a lot that may be less so.

  8. Vape says

    Less time in the inbox is always welcome! Feels like sometimes in FM your just swamped with emails

  9. Daniel Di Nardo says

    Sorry Kev, I’m going to be that guy because I feel like I’m doing you a favour. That shirt is putrid dude

  10. Codeine Crazy says

    It's FM20 with better UI.

  11. Lunch at Marco's says

    Why do they use Spencer? It should be Kev 100% no joke

  12. Daan Schreijer says

    Im new to fm amd im really enjoying it. But why does the game look like vice city? I mean it doesnt have to look like pes but the graphics are quite shocking

  13. IsThatWise says

    Looks like a full price patch. Disappointing so far.

  14. Sam Elliott says

    It baffles me how people think this 3d engine is good.
    I can't stand watching 3d in any version as its so cringing to watch

  15. G B says

    nice shirt Kev, by any chance is that the only one you haven't packed away yet?

  16. Chippy Boy says

    Looks a bit more as if it is catering to the console mob. Just hoping us oldies still have the gameplay we have grown to love.

  17. Deepak Gurung says

    It seems Dortmund is still overpowered and Bayern is still underpowered in Bundesliga.

  18. paul tucker soul says

    It's the same game again. I'm waiting for it in gamepass from now on. Usually takes that long to iron out the issues anyway

  19. Samuel Johns says

    So basically, save my money and wait for FM22 instead

  20. delijafromdownunder says

    good to see players still skate on pitch 🤦‍♂️

  21. Voropret says

    I would think they will change the answers this is just more of a prototype

  22. ShaneAllenTV says

    Focus is on you? Mourinho would LOVE THIS GAME! 😄

  23. 九R says

    its a patch basically

  24. Wan A. Hakkim says

    Love the new recruitment meeting stuff. Less micromanaging scout required.

  25. Luke Bigmore says

    9:17 – stuff like this I love! Ok, it may look like adding polish and not fixing gripes that many people complain about, but I love new jazzed up stuff like this. Makes it feel fresh and new. N.b. Watching the England game last night, the graphics when substitutes were being made looked eerily similar to FM screenshots of the new game, so I'm wondering if they've really gone all out to make it look close to real life. Which I suppose is the point. If so, that's ok with me. Long live FM!

  26. Animal says

    The odd number years to me have always been about Polish, while the even number years have been about Addition, so it makes sense this years game is cleaning up so much

  27. Animal says

    wait a minutec what… 2nd 11?

  28. Zak says

    I can now throw a water bottle everytime my player miss a one on one

  29. Wilson Stunfisk says

    That's one funky shirt

  30. Duzny - Geya - Fock says

    I'm so excited to play it on Xbox🙊 first FM since 2014

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