1. Rafael says

    Amazing video! You need to do these more often! I’m ready debating studying in Italy at the moment it’s a huge life step and a scary one! There’s not much helpful information out there so this video was such a big help! Thanks !

  2. Laura Maliszewska says

    Thank you, Mark! So useful before planning my PhD in the UK.

  3. Alexandria Adamson says

    Due to austerity cuts in the UK, I was thrown out of Liverpool and Liverpool Hope University because they wouldn't support students on the Autism spectrum. I'm severely autistic, and have been offered a place at ETSU to study Bluegrass, Old-Time and Country Music, got a working visitors visa, is there any tactics or agencies that I could access to get support, as the two UK universities have declined to release the transcripts that I need to confirm my place at ETSU, they have also accumulated a £10,500 debt that has now put me in a situation I cannot get into any other university here in the UK, and life's become very hostile. Cheers

  4. Haley Cardoso says

    What are some careers or majors that help in traveling/ living abroad? In the process of a career change. My dad was born in the Azores so I have the potential of getting Portuguese citizenship. And currently learning Portuguese

  5. Ed C says

    You killed my Rate My Prof score….great work!

  6. Len Berkowitz says

    Both of mine are in college and want to do study abroad. Do you think Hong Kong, as a great business center, would be a great place for a finance major (son)? Also, any suggestions on HK universities for that?

  7. glennaldosf says

    Shouldn't you say "study in a foreign country" …. "study abroad" can have erm… other connotations….

  8. Mike says

    I'm going to study in Florence next summer and I'm really looking forward to the stay.
    But I have a question though:
    You said, you only need a few things for a stay abroad. Can you do another video on this topic, since you've done that several times?

  9. Rembrandt says


  10. Olivia Glick says

    I’m planning on studying abroad this upcoming year as a senior in high school, and I’ve been taking spanish forever so I want to go to a spanish speaking country. Which Spanish speaking country do you recommend studying in?

  11. Julio says

    I had no idea he was a professor 😮

  12. fateme sadat Tabatabaei says

    OMG! Good for your students! You are one of the persons that inspired me for study abroad, I recently came to Lyon France from Iran (big change haha) for my phd, and whenever I have problems or I miss home I watch some videos about "why you should study abroad":)

  13. MariNate says

    I just did a video on how to study abroad as an American. I graduated from the university in Glasgow, check it out on my channel

  14. Megan Winghart says

    Awesome video. Currently in the JFK airport on my way to study abroad in Ireland!

  15. J F says

    I thought your day job was male model for Wolter's World clothing? Side question any thoughts on how Brexit will affect travel in Europe for those who live outside of Europe?

  16. Tammie Renee says

    Loved this video. I’m too old to go study abroad but would share w my niece. I also like watching movies in English w Spanish subtitles to help me learn Spanish. Love your videos.

  17. Kerron Manwaring says

    Very cool

  18. Adventure In The Somewhere says

    Great idea to give out this advice. We're travelling the world at the moment and it's a great way to expand your mind and horizons.

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