1. Kate M says

    Love you guys 💕😃 gave my kids coke and chocolate also lol

  2. Dawn Boyd says

    We just went to London. We had zero experience on subways but bought an Oyster card and took the tube everywhere. We were in Paris the same time as you. Lived it. Want to go back.

  3. TubeBrasil says

    Don't go to Cuba. Don't support a murderous dictatorship.

  4. TubeBrasil says

    Most dangerous tourist places in Brazil are Rio and Fortaleza, and even in these cities, you have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    You can use Uber all around, and it is very safe to go from point A to point B. Just don't wander around by yourself, especially in the poorer neighborhoods.
    São Paulo has first world homicide rates, so it's cool.

  5. TubeBrasil says

    Carbon footprint…gimme a break. You have the military, millionaires flying private jest, giant factories and electric plants polluting everything and the problem is a traveling family…

  6. Judy Hayward says

    I was in Rome in Mid May should have been great weather however like all weather you cant rely on it and it was the coldest Spring they had in 150 years only 3 day in the 18 that i didnt have a coat on so my suggetion to all travellers it take something for all seasons.

  7. Juli Blacker says

    Careful for first timer in DC, Air and Space is currently undergoing renovation and whole sections are closed. Check online to make sure the lines are still worth it to you. Natural History is also fantastic!

  8. Julie S 2017 says

    missed the live vlog. I'm a big fan of you're videos

    my family and I are going to Italy next summer for the first time. Do you have any tips for a first time Italy trip? How should we dress for the weather, we are going in early June?

  9. steve bartley says

    Good time to go to Barcelona? Not now with riots!

  10. Stints 420 says

    tgv goes from paris directly to stutgart in 4 hours

  11. JennaBens says

    I just booked a trip to Europe and all your videos have helped me plan so much, thank you!

  12. Raymond Kizer says

    Wolter, what do you know about Bimini and is it worth seeing? Any advice?

  13. Dizzy Lizard505 says

    Darn, I missed your live stream again.

  14. Michelle Forbes says

    Missed it this morning as I was with a travel group!

  15. Jocelin D says

    I just came back from Italy 🇮🇹
    Went to Roma, Sicilia, Firenze, Venezia and had an amazing time. Traveled with chaffeurs, on taxis, planes, and trains & felt safe all of the time. Just learn a little Italian before going…people will respect and warm up to you more! ❤️

  16. Kim M says

    You guys are prettiest inside and out! Joy and honesty and those 4 big beautiful smiles are the most beautiful things!

  17. Moh the MVP says

    I completely missed this 🙁 I wanted to ask if you ever been to Egypt and any tips? Im going in a few weeks

  18. Peter Pain says

    Got an idea for you for another series "blood boiling experiences while travelling" … Airlines, Hotels and all 🙂

  19. Sahil Panse says

    Hey Mark. Parents just said they want to come back to Europe here cuz they have a multiple entry visa. They want to do Denmark and Sweden for a week in early November. How best to plan it and what can be done in a week? Just stick to the capitals? The weather and darkness; thats fine. Wont be too different here in the Netherlands in a while lol.

  20. LuigiAndDaisyMovie says

    Hey, Wolters World! My name is Ian Rodgers from Round Hill, Virginia. I just wanted to ask you for a video request. A long time ago, I've seen the movie, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." And, in that movie, it mentioned something about Durmstrang, which was in Bulgaria. So, could you please make a video about traveling to Bulgaria?

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