1. Sahil Panse says

    India next!

  2. Joey The blind Panther says

    The favellas apparently have very nice views of Rio from the very top. Who said that people who visit the favellas think of the residents like caged animals.

  3. Destiny Knudsen says

    You are my favorite travel vlogger. Love the realistic minimal editing on your videos and your upbeat & relatable personality really makes it!
    Check out Maroon Bells in Colorado.
    Most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Like magic. Stop by other cute mountains towns around the area as well!

  4. Generic Name says

    Does he mention Italy at all during this?

  5. Paul Hayday says

    Big bus co and others very good for getting bearings in a new city. Book in advance on web rather than queuing

  6. Paul Hayday says

    Tanzania – great national parks as per Kenya. Try overland truck in Tanz.
    Kilimanjaro climb expensive but worth it if you have time and energy!

    Tanzania – recommend Lake Manyara NP, Tarangiri NP. Arusha’s India Street for great artefacts. All 3 easy from Kili Airport via Nairobi.
    Stay in hotel at night in Nairobi !! Dodgy city.
    Book safari co before going but look for reviews 1st.

    Ex tour manager

  7. Paul Hayday says

    Morocco – def go to Marrakech – eat out in main square at night – lose yourself in the soul.

    Pisa, Italy – pick pockets rife esp at the Pisa Centro Station.
    Barcelona, Spain – pickpockets rife
    Tip- men no wallets in back pocket. Ladies bag strap over head and shoulder with opending next to body.

    Tuscany – 5* visit Luca, San Gimiginao, Siena not just Florence.

    Switzerland – get Swiss rail pass! Try rail up Jungfrau from Interlaken £s+ but worth it.

  8. HLB512 says

    This has probably already been addressed but when are you guys going to write a book?

  9. Jrprez22 says

    Love you guys. Sorry I missed the live chat.

  10. Penny Whitaker says

    Hi guys, I asked traveling within Spain/Portugal and you mentioned Easy Jet and Vueling. Checking out Vueling and there is no charge for checked bag on the Optima ( middle ) class but it was confusing on "hand luggage" . So from your experience can you take like a person item or carry

  11. Jennifer Lyons says

    M & J, I love you two, thank you for taking us with you and sharing your knowledge and experiences. You're adorable together on chat!

  12. Eddie Rodriguez Channel says

    Have you been to the Philippines.

  13. Violets Inspring says

    Mark, love your and Jocelyn’s channel! You have the greatest personality! Thanks so much to you both🌻. Jan

  14. Afshan Samad says

    Use uber in London not the black cabs they are soooo overpriced

  15. Marilyn Herold says

    Have you ever been afraid because you are Americans, and anti American sentiment?

  16. Alexandre Ernani says

    Thanks a lot guys!! You are amazing, sharing all those information with us!!:)

  17. Rubens Bragg says

    Thank you sir.

  18. Hanna Löfving says

    Hi I’m from Sweden but I’m looking at this in Greece and this is my first comment ever I think you are amazing and I have thank you for your good tips thank you again 😄 from Hanna

  19. Isabel Anderson says

    Thank you Jocelyn, you both are so kind 😊 your content is so informative and useful

  20. Gary Pierce says

    I would someday like to see a video on how to go somewhere like Italy or the southern French Coast at a price an ordinary working person could afford without feeling like a street person when you get there.
    What do you think a realistic bottom dollar per person would be for something like that?

  21. KartoffelHundin says

    Mark, I'm wearing the exact same shirt as you right now. We have good taste in fashion, haha.

  22. Kathleen Kerg says

    Giants causway, was formed by lava, thousands of years ago.

  23. W L says

    Your overall knowledge especially on the geography of the world is amazing and good to see I wish to achieve that one day

  24. Millie Colon says

    I need help figuring out where to stay and what trains to take .. please Help
    My husband and I will be celebrating our 33rd year anniversary next year and will be going on a cruise to Greece however we are wanting to visit Barcelona , Paris , Verona and stay in Padua before our cruise . Any recommendations ? Let us know when you come to Tampa , we live in Clermont 1.5 hr away from Tampa
    Thank you

  25. Timothy Raths says

    Hey Mark, when traveling, do you have to carry your passport with you at all times?

  26. Teresa Mayorga says

    Darn it I missed it 🙁 have you guys been to England in October? Any recommended places to visit other than London?

  27. MyCatFooed says

    Hiya guys!! I'm so very sorry that I've been missing these LIVE broadcasts!! I'll try harder in the future.

  28. Best YouTube channel ever! says

    Dear God! You guys did this for two hours! I commend your loyalty to fans!

  29. jace1101 says

    Aww man! So sad I missed this!

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