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  1. eigo bike says

    Greetings from Big Bend Texas. I travelled here after returning from Morocco and Portugal last week specifically to self isolate. Been hiking in the high desert all week and cycling too.

  2. Ann Silver says

    Sipping coffee for a moment and trying to catch up with what is going on in the world. thank you for the shout out to the medical field! We laboratory scientists appreciate it! Thank you both for the helpful information- my family summer trip to Italy is on hold.

  3. Deanna Lancaster says

    Your videos help me stay calm during all this

  4. Debbie Cartier says

    I would've loved watching you two writing a book while being live lol

  5. pahakasvi venuksesta says

    Sadly I missed this. Hope you do summary about all the place you have been. Greetings from Turku, Finland 🙂

  6. Jill U. says

    We have a trip planned for Paris in Sept. I'm someone that has to go #1 every hour or two (LOL!), and want to know if I'll be OK walking around. I don't know why …I know it's stupid…but I'm worried about finding public restrooms there. :). Of course that is if we end up going. :(. We are staying in two different places, during our stay…in the St. Germain area and then in the Marais, so we will focus on sightseeing in those areas, during our stay.

  7. Laura X says


  8. Dizzy Lizard505 says

    Home Depot will be staying open so people can take care of their home emergencies. They are keeping abbreviated hours. So if your water heater goes out or your plumbing springs a leak don't worry. You can still fix it.

  9. Mockbaboy says

    @woltersworld Seems to me like it’s the same pattern everywhere – from patient zero to thousands of inflicted, from those who were aware of the threat and called crazy to those who claimed there’s nothing to be afraid of. Now when half the world is in quarantine, when normal life has stopped and uncertain future awaits we start to recognize our mistakes. I sincerely hope that after all of this is over more people will start to appreciate non-material things in their lives and get a bit smarter, just like the best traveling family in the world- the Wolters family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  10. Richard Caldwell says

    sorry guys but im not getting volume here….help

  11. scott martin says

    New Zealand has closed the boarder today today

  12. Tracey Marshall says

    I havent looked at this live chat but just to note that i heard on irish radio that people can claim up to €600 from airlines if their flights are canceled in Europe (apart from extraordinary circumstances). The radio said that the EU have determined Covid19 is not extraordinary circumstances and that people can claim back the €600 for canceled flights….maybe worth to pass on that message to your followers

  13. Patryk Sala says

    Its funny that in my country you were steaming on horrible hour (poland-4:00am) but i wasn't sleeping in the moment and i watch all of it

  14. Nick Papageorgio says

    Happy to say we finally got to talk to a British air agent who was more than helpful. We had found the flights we wanted, just told him the flight numbers and he booked it. We are cutting the trip 2 days short but it’s not a problem. Had a fantastic time in Germany! We will be back I’m sure of it. Now the question is…will out Spain/Portugal trip be canceled in June.

  15. Sarah Potter says

    thanks for these live chats mark and jocelyn! it really means a lot and really feels like a community. your chats always make me happy! you guys are so real, honest, and friendly. best wishes for you guys!

  16. Chelsea Dau says

    I think Bhutan is 250 per person per day but includes all your accommodation? According to lonely planet. Dunno how accurate that is?

  17. Georgian Crossroads says

    Since we can't travel this would be a good time to binge watch old Wolters World videos.

  18. bigboywasim says

    Be safe guys some Youtubers who travel a lot got sick.

  19. Miriam Sepulveda says

    Hello from Wichita Falls, Texas.

  20. Jewel of Troy says

    So bummed I missed your live chat. Just arrived home from work. I will attempt to watch your next one. As always, thank you for sharing. GOD Bless Always🙏🏻

  21. Andrea Silk says

    Thankyou SO much for posting so much content and live chats especially during this time! It really shows how much more quality your channel provides! Some of the other travel channels seem to want to pretend this happening at all. But you guys are really stepping up and providing real, honest advice. Just like you've always said! You guys are amazing! You've always been my go to travel channel on YouTube, but your dedication to your fans during this tough time shows just how truly uniquely incredible you real are! Thank you both so much for your amazing attitudes!

  22. OHCOJan says

    Just logged in so not sure if you've covered the American citizens who are currently stranded because of (no-notice) border closings (Peru, Honduras, Morocco, etc). Our embassies and State Dept is doing nothing to get them home (maybe lack of staffing due to cuts or lack of concern). Other nations have extricated their citizens. Reference Women's football team stuck in Honduras. What should travelers expect from State Dept/emassies/consulates during a crisis?

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