2. jj boy says

    Only legends

  3. Dushawn Powell says

    I really was having the time of my life back when this song dropped

  4. stussy droptop says

    real tyga fans only

  5. Txscratchoff Winner says

    2020 and you still smoke the hookah

  6. Carlos CuhTM says

    My mom is in here😒

  7. Latty says

    Back here during covid hahaha!

  8. Joel García says

    chatootemillindellgarddd todo biien mi yilderkalddhhh thodo bien ñañíiithopp .ll. 👽

  9. ahmed abdi hassan says


  10. Bella Kitua says

    5/6 years ago was where it was at!!

  11. Help me to reach 10K subscribers By EVidz says

    If you're listening to this song in this horrible year, you're a legend.

  12. Help me to reach 10K subscribers By EVidz says

    6 years later, if you're watching this you're a legend

  13. Key Epic Pranks says

    Moment of silence for all fathers seeing their daughters here!!!!

  14. TheCarlitos98 Tv says

    Seré el único que habla español xd aquí

  15. Peter Parker says

    I didn’t speak English when this song came out so now I speak English and still can’t understand what Young Thug is saying…🤣🤣🤣

  16. Ilham MK Mk says

    Hey merci tyga pour cette musique ah oui

  17. Ilham MK Mk says

    Him 😂😂lui 🤨

  18. Ghoste Toxic says

    Wish they do another song together

  19. Tanaka Mondo says

    Who's here after the leaked nasties?

  20. Gana Juegos de azar says


  21. Maguro says

    Tyga ft. Young Thug? More like Tyga ft. Choking a duck

  22. Johnatan Pacheco says

    Gabriel Jesus?

  23. Unicef Red says

    Beauty Tigre😱

  24. Anna foxx ice cream says


  25. Hirwa Chris says

    Judge : 50 years69: I know what young thug is saying

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