1. Nermin Spahic says

    How to find the folder to put the SAVE GAME FOR UAZ RACING 4×4 i can't find in DATA ??? Helppppppppp 🙁

  2. SuperBuvik says

    cd key please 😉

  3. Hardhome Rescue says

    GTA SUN ADREAS is better

  4. lenin morales says

    algui sabe e codigo de este juego_

  5. edwin linares says

    AYUDAAA!!! descargue este juego por UTORRENT. lo instale sin ningun problema con daemon tool lite pero al iniciar el juego me pide que por favor introdusca el codigo para el disco etiquetado uaz. busuque en la carpeta del disco pero no sale ningun block de notas con la clave busuque en google pero no salen ayudenme si alguien se sabe la clave por favor diganme..!

  6. jimmytvf says

    @w0lsky nocd patch my frieend

  7. attezione says

    Not realistic car physics. In comparison with Screamer 4×4 evelolution this game sucks.

  8. Kyle Evers says

    I dont think I could play this game with those sounds.

  9. Andrei Popescu says

    it's an interesting game

  10. Carlos Gross says

    I can not configure my game!
    I tried to change the graphics to catch less, but when I come back to the menu they have not changed …

  11. freddy hiemstra says

    nice game

  12. oberguga says

    Yes) UAZ 3962 "Буханка" variant for medic
    /watch?v=IMdpGY4IgE8 like this,but grey.

  13. oberguga says

    You can laught, but in the cab UAZ sounds very similar)

  14. Edgaras Simanavičius says

    Any hack for this game? 😀

  15. 3X1T3R says

    BIG FUCK TRUCKS AND BIG FUCK DRIVERS IN THE BIG FUCK GAME!!!!!!WTF???????this game is 2005 and what the shit UAZ???The KOMUNIST car omfg!

  16. Denis Armand says

    Watch teh nextgen Off Road Drive 3 pre-tech demo 🙂

  17. Robin Hellebust says

    crappy game i say

  18. z1rgs says

    big shit

  19. Saymon Cordeiro says


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