UNDEFEATED BBQ BREAKFAST CHALLENGE! Omelette & BBQ Brisket | Saskatchewan | Man Vs Food


An undefeated breakfast challenge with BBQ meats! For this big food challenge challenge we only had 20 minutes to complete the challenge!
#FoodChallenge #BBQ #Breakfast #Mukbang


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  1. Dave Bayliss says

    Is it in a park ??? Are you super exited???


    That was a teenie tiny snack 🤪👍

  3. Kim Chaske says

    Is that in Canada

  4. ABCDG13 says

    That doesn’t look like a challenge for you Joel Hansen, if you had to eat three trays in twenty minutes then it would be more of a challenge!

  5. Jeff Kellogg says

    The highway video at the end looms exactly lime Kansas until you get to the snow looking water part

  6. ejay roberts says

    that's a good lookin breakfast bud – nice work

  7. Dave Hillard says

    Joel, every time I see you take on a challenge, I am always amazed! Keep on keeping on!

  8. Mark Lauzon says

    You're not ever going to eat like that in a FEMA CAMP when ur trapped in the U.S & or CDN ( isolation camp ) U tube is DONE!!!! Really Sooooon.!!!! What side/ Country you going to stick with!!! Watch ur travel shortly Joel…Plz 🙏🌎

  9. Codi Marie says

    That’s a pretty good deal for $20! For the normal person you can eat that with a friend and it could b a cheap breakfast!

  10. Jose Rios says

    I'm pretty sure Joel just smacked the SH*# out of the Pence fly at around 3:34

  11. inthinkable says

    Once again, Scott is obviously racing against Joel (you can tell by the way he is looking at Joel's plate throughout the challenge). But he just can't beat him no matter how hard he tries. Joel can open his throat and swallow everything more easily with less chewing, that is the difference for all those who are wondering.

  12. TheSpritz0 says

    Joel and his friend eat more in 2 minutes, than I could eat in 30 minutes!!!!

  13. rebecca garland says

    Joel is a Beast

  14. Craic Diario - Vida na Irlanda says

    I would like to see Joel vs Molly Schuyler in a competition

  15. King Amadi says

    Scott be trying sooo hard…😂😂😂… it’s kinda awkward sometimes…😂😂😂

  16. ASMR Jessica says
  17. Fonzy Brookestone says

    Eggs weren't even scrambled all the way, edges of bread burnt, this didn't look very appetizing.

  18. Melanie W says

    that toast, and eggs? burnt! GROSS! good luck!

  19. Lisa Vyse says

    Well done to you both easy peasy for you this challenge all the best love Lisa n Laura xxx 🤗👌

  20. Satin says

    Now how many times did you say Regina Joel..you know how much that sounded like another word LOL…that challenge was awesome. I love breakfast like that. I could definitely do this challenge. Just not in 20 minutes and I need my ketchup. I can't believe how easily you put a piece of french toast in your mouth …

  21. Velislav Slavchev says

    My man, Greg doucette has a 10 000 calorie challenge that only you can beat, the rule is to eat only from his cook book.. pleasee take the challenge.. You will get crazy amount of views

  22. Brian says

    joel stop hiding your poops and give the people what they deserve!

  23. Ramon Jr says

    Vejo vários vídeos de competição de comida e na minha opinião você @modelvsfood é o melhor em carboidratos 👏👏👊👊

  24. Montgomery Family Channel Emma says

    JOEL you are so handsome 💞💋💋

  25. DhaKnaM says

    I would love to see you speed eat against Leah Shutkever! It would be hella competitive lol

  26. Mike Span says


  27. The Weed Smoking Man says

    Joel. Just know when you are eating briskets you are also eating biscuits just spelled totally different but the same as brisket. Next challenge with randy pull his pants down to put him off his game.

  28. Jasmine Hardy says

    I’m new to your channel but I loveeee it your Awesome 🤩✨

  29. Dan Eaton says

    You sir, are an absolute machine!

  30. Ja Crispycreem says

    You eat sausage so fast its crazy

  31. Thomas San Francisco says

    A piece of cake for Joel one of the best.

  32. Lyn Jago says

    Challenge destroyed! it looked so easy too. 🙂

  33. Danne82 says

    I really thought Scott was winning! But conveyor belt Hansen did what he does hahaha! Good job guys!

  34. Shana Grady says

    Joel youre a beast!!! Love your videos!

  35. bob sontag says

    Great job guys. I didn't realize some of Canada is so flat like Kansas, Iowa and Oklahoma. I appreciate you guys!

  36. Amelia Fiddler says

    Have relatives in medow lake and north battleford Saskatchewan lots of neat little eating spots tucked away

  37. Jade Lynn says

    UGH, Y'ALL MAKE ME SO HUNGRY WITH YOUR DELICIOUS CHALLENGES!!! Lol how do you find these places that offer challenges??? Again great video with Scott, Y'all are awesome together. Stay safe guys 🥰🥰🥰

  38. Ja Joja says

    Geoff Esper and you should do a collab of some kind.

  39. Samuel Gaitan Villazon says

    One of the most delicious breakfast challenges ever seen, nice mix with omelette bacon and tatertoats (and no beans!)

  40. Di Q says

    I blinked and missed the challenge!!! 😂🤣 just caught Scott smiling at the end!! Great video again Joel!!

  41. Kristin Tt says

    Enjoy time at vagina town haha. You are awesome.

  42. Jerry Thomas says

    Jeez man..slow down

  43. Lisa Wright says

    Looks delicious but where’s the ketchup?

  44. Susanne Shaw says

    Your ego is way too much Bro; and the faces. Just EAT

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