Unus Annus DELETED, Covid Vaccine 90% EFFECTIVE, Baby Shark #1 Video IN THE WORLD!? || Coming Up #3


Yes, I know I misspelled Unus Annus in the video.. lol

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  1. avatartuhin says

    Another good one guys, listened to every second, the fact that Twitch Streamers are loosing their streams because of songs IN games is CRAZY!

  2. DevilGameplays says

    they bought a portable beer sauna, and filled it up with urine… Yummy… torch got it through pretty well

  3. decklen mund says


  4. The ah man says


  5. iRaap OnPoint says

    You could’ve shouted me out punk! Lol jk. Good shit lil bro

  6. Ayden Inge says

    BTW aaryan unus annus was mad funny should have been there🙏

  7. Ayden Inge says

    Podcast type beat😳

  8. Nicholas Pot says

    Yeah this blow up is going up to 1k >:D

  9. Watermelon torch says

    sry for being kinda sleepy at the beginning. I had just finished editing and I was TIRREEEEEEEDDD. The podcast is getting better and better and better.. trust me :). We might have a guest next week too btw 👀

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