1. DrlGaMer 12 says

    Background Music please 🙂

  2. Nazeela Queen Rahmany says


  3. Real_marochi says

    How did you do the cinematic thing the only thing I know you can do it using mods on world

  4. nrg clips in fortnite says

    Can u do a vid how to fix mediafire?

  5. Daniella Toushie Recana says

    I literally saw u in hivee! XD i saw u do weird music stufff

  6. Red PvPs says

    666 views oh god

  7. PleasingDuck : says

    Yo can we collab soon?

  8. JERICHO PH says


  9. JERICHO PH says

    Ammm weres the pack???😁

  10. ชินจัง จอมแก่น says

    Hi wanna pvp eachother?

  11. DashKap1301 says

    Nice vid keep up the good work

  12. Dallying Aura says

    Wats Ur texture pack tho?

  13. BaconNub says

    100th like

  14. nreamy dreamyblox says


  15. Ernest emmanuel Angon says

    How do you get like replay mod

  16. Ernest emmanuel Angon says

    The look like the intro of itmg

  17. Basiru Jammeh says

    LOL he faild but won XD

  18. DaveSlvdr says

    That yellow dream is impressed.

  19. Protrenix says


  20. BLAKE ANIM says

    Wow thats cool i use yiur texture pack

  21. XD Josh yt says

    Bruhh gg hahahaha

  22. Smashy Bashy says

    I like the itmg style vid

  23. Smashy Bashy says

    I didnt realise u hv 2.33 k subs oredi!

  24. Gone says


  25. sabina vaiday says

    cqn you please tell me how did you play pocket edition in pc

  26. Itz BW says

    Finally a vid i was sleeping srry

  27. AshPlayz says

    Hwo did u got the camera it was capturing u wherever u were going? 0:02

  28. INSANE ZANE says

    ………Lol the noteblock doesnt makes sound in sky wars hahah

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