Video Game Easter Eggs #35 (Titanfall 2, World Of Tanks Blitz, Rocket League & More)


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In todays episode of video game Easter eggs we go deep sea diving in Just Cause 3, we discover an easter egg that I suspect a lot of you wont know about in Titanfall 2 and we catch up with our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman in World Of Tanks Blitz.

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ghostrunner serious sam 4 secrets ghostrunner gameplay

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  1. Mikey M :D says

    and if you look up “things I’m getting distracted by while I work on school work”, you can find THIS

  2. rabbid weasel bat says

    What is a sam? Reference to castlevania uwu alucard

  3. Tophat Clan says

    Looks like chicken man from payday

  4. Tim Gumkowski says

    The chicken is jacket from payday2

  5. BossBot says

    5:36 “There is no Secret Cow Level” my DAIRYère!

    (Insert sad rimshot here)

  6. Angel Perez says

    How does this man not have 1 million subs yet??

  7. Kenneda Cardenas says

    The chicken guy looks like robot chicken from ROBOT CHICKEN lol

  8. Spider-Kidhxgaming Doo says

    I see vanoss

  9. James EMBLETON says

    The chicken man is a payday 2 playable character called the jacket he wears that exact outfit

  10. malachi osburn says

    Maybe the chicken is jacket from payday 2, it looks like him but a more futuristic version

  11. Stone cold Steve Austin says

    Anyone who says that the chicken head is from metal gear solid is a little slow for god sakes the same exact mask is in payday 2 which is the same character and mask from hotline Miami

  12. Diamond Dust 29 says

    2:37 arms outstretched

  13. Mateo Castro Raspo says


  14. Albin Thelander says

    the chicken easter egg you showed today is probably a reference to payday 2

  15. Louie Biggs says

    The chicken Easter egg is pay day 2

  16. Lesslaw Lesslaw says

    Pay day 2 jacket

  17. Celestial 4Life says

    A quick Easter egg is the beginning of titanfall 2 before you depart into the prologue battlefield you hear a fellow soldier say "lastimosa, you s.o.b" a reference to predator

  18. chilio vega says

    I’m Pretty sure the part where count Dracula says humans are a miserable sack of one-liners was a reference from Castlevania instead of one liners is secrets

  19. Asclepius says

    The serious Sam 4 Easter egg, the enemy is a copy of doom eternals big guy

  20. Someone with no pfp says

    No Karlson easter egg in ghostrunner?

  21. Alex Dobrzynski says

    The g
    Hotline miami mask is the version found in payday 2

  22. EnderKing 43 says

    At 7:36 I know the reason why this easter egg exists. In 1992 about 28,800 rubber ducks were lost at sea and were traveled all around the world in the sea, and the event was nicknamed "Moby Duck"

  23. Behzad Tuodarbari says

    It's more like a reference to payday2 hotline miami jacket character pack

  24. Brandon Gilliam says

    I thought the chicken one was payday 2

  25. Noob Lover says

    I have titan fall 2 and finished it but it has a very big update

  26. William Plantrich says

    Does a glitch count as an easter egg

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