1. garry tale says

    tu m'est ça en 1.25 de vitesse et sa passe crème !bonne vid 🙂

  2. Leak less says

    My favorite part was when they said "da"

  3. Blackalf says

    This is the second greatest Chrismas song of all time. But THIS is the greatest Chrismas song of all time: https://youtu.be/H176XgBJdZo

  4. V.I.P says

    T'a oublié les dadaddadadada qui sont a la fin

  5. Studio Ciki says

    I love it really!!!!

  6. warzeurtizer says

    All christmas song : We suck ;-;The greatest christmas song of all time : What can i do ?! I’m you …. but in better

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