Waiter Recommends FROZEN Food to Ramsay! | Hotel Hell


The look on Gordon’s face…

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  1. armybeef68 says


    Which is EXACTLY what America is all about.

    Different countries, different heritages, different cultures, all coming together as one,

    That's why they call us a MELTING POT,

    Unlike you Brits, whose ass we kicked…twice

    Your hero was King Henry VIII.

    Your idiots are born, ours are elected.

  2. Max rux says

    bruh called a boxelder bug a cockroach. clearly never been to the midwest smh

  3. Goat says

    Hotel: No receptionist. No reception area. Paint, wall paper, decor, and hangers from 140 years ago. Bugs everywhere. Frozen food. Sweaty Waiters.

    Also Hotel: Why are we going under?

  4. bootygang 666 says

    I wonder how many times he has to burn everything and buy all new stuff with the bed bugs and cock roaches hes probably bringing home

  5. Homer Simpson says

    i just wanna point out that wasnt a cochroach

  6. Prankings says

    The name Karen is so iconic

  7. Tim Schultz says

    Gordon Ramsey couldn’t go ten minutes without bitching about something…

  8. Jesus Hernandez says

    He's wearing a $200,000 watch 👌

  9. Aripapa says

    Of course her name is Karen

  10. Makarov Fox says

    and they said that usa is the first world i see much better hotel in cuba

  11. Abbas Hammoud says

    Do you have to be such a dick with everyone or humiliating people is part of the show?

  12. Feuille de Stevia says

    This is weird
    To me the food at 3:45 doesn't look disgusting
    I've eat a lot of food, but never one that was so bad I could not eat it.
    Is he saying that because it's not good enough for the standarts or is it just uneatable ?

  13. Sherlock Wolf says

    It’s older than abe Lincoln

  14. Dave dave says

    I bet he didn't slept there lol…. Why would even people go in restaurants or hotels like those…..

  15. Vivaan Balchandani says

    I had my doubts when she said her name is Karen

  16. Tdogtheripper says

    All the dislikes are people who eat microwaved food and hot cheetos 😒

  17. badd dexter says

    Definitely wasn’t a roach lol

  18. kendrickgreer says


  19. Amber Ollari says

    Gordon looks really cozy in his sweater lol

  20. Ian Gacek says

    1:40 "I think that's a cock roach!"

    Comments: "I also think that's a cock roach!"

    Has no one here seen a Boxelder bug? The fuck?

  21. Misssfortune says

    It's scary the amount of people in the comments who believe that bug was a cockroach. Makes me trust trip advisor reviews even less now.

  22. Kris Frederick says

    Let us know how the view is from under that bus Kenny.

  23. Mohamed Sossey Alaoui says

    Her name is Karen!
    Very promising beginning

  24. David Klein Martinez says

    thats not a cockroach

  25. N B says

    I don’t know how he had the audacity to still stay there and eat their food I would be gone 🤮

  26. Mitch Poen says

    that's a box elder bug.

  27. geosutube says

    Well, that’s a loser from day one. Can only get worse. Unkempt building. Shame. NRFPT.

  28. Todd The Humble says

    LMFAO! 3:54

  29. Henry Ogden says

    Gordon probably spoils his dog with $500 steaks

  30. rcc says


  31. Epico says

    At least he pays them unlike SOMEBODY

  32. tissue says

    go there ONCE and bring a single bug to your house = you are never going to get rid of them… 😐

  33. Gene Pool says

    Gordon thinks a box elder bug is a cockroach. Next he'll be claiming housecats are tigers 😂

  34. Dustin Elliott says

    He hands her….the bugs….🤣

  35. Eric Rivera says

    Kenny looks like a sad sack..

  36. Raj Shukla says

    0:44 her name is actually Karen 😂😂😂

  37. Aayush Garhwal says

    the waiter is pissing in his pants and from his head

  38. Mark Hendrikx says

    Is the head chef Dutch? 😳

  39. Rabbit Snare says

    So how much of this is staged? Clearly, they had cameras set up in there before Ramsay got near the place.

  40. Ian White says

    Gordon: I’m going to say something that will now change your understanding of what is happening. Do we understand?

    Everyone: yes

    Gordon: right goodnight

  41. Francis Casolari says

    “I wouldn’t give that thai experience to my fukin dog”

  42. DAVE ROBERTS says

    That was not a cockroach it was a shield bug

  43. BlueFlame Gamer says

    The cockroach was a big fan of Gordon Ramsey

  44. P1Player1 says

    Hello I'm Karen
    Gordon:"Oh no"

  45. PlatinumPoultry says

    Do people not know what a boxelder bug is? They're everywhere in the fall and impossible to keep out of anywhere.

  46. NLX 32 says

    Ngl the thumbnail looked bomb asf

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