War Thunder Soundtrack: Ground Forces Battle Music 4


This song is called “Signal to Attack”
Performed by the Baltic Symphony Orchestra
Was ‘Ground Forces Battle Music 5’ before patch 1.77

You can buy the soundtrack here:

Some songs, including the main theme, aren’t available for purchase, so you can get them for free here:

Replace “tube” in the URL with “repeat” to have the music repeat =D
Vote for your favorite ground forces song here: =O

Source: https://surnativa.com
Read more all post Video : https://surnativa.com/video/
  1. Caleb Nielsen says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but is that a Panzer III M?

  2. Wesley Kraft says

    Wounder why they removed this sound track.

  3. Grand Moff Tarkin says

    Sounds like one of the soundtrack from Three Kingdoms Total War, but this one came out first.

  4. eaglerocks123 says

    Your Tank races along the Valley floor heading into the battle. The firefight already underway, Your crew experienced and trained races into the fight, and fire on the tanks firing on your allies, you don't stop and continue to race to the enemy forward position knowing if you can reach it the battle is over. You radio in remaining fast tanks charge to the enemy position who was not prepared for the reckless attack. Yet they fall back as your tanks which are faster are able to take them out. You continue on as artillery rounds fires on your position. Yet its too late your tank and its allies have already made it into firing range of the forward base position of the enemy and they begin to fall back as you claim victory!

  5. Rudy Smith says

    Incredible! A song I haven't liked yet! It is critical we send a group of upvotes there immediately!

  6. Emre says

    Best game World of TANKS . DİSLİKEEEEE

  7. Erich Dietrietch says

    yeah best when you are ambushing a coloum of enemy tanks

  8. StarkIndustry says

    Do you hear the tracks clanking ?

  9. danthalios says

    >in a T-34-57 on poland
    >encounters Tiger II head on
    >wondering why I didn't pack APCR

  10. young tax return says

    Dunno why, but it sounds like some Wild West.

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