1. HeRandler says

    Кто от Alex Crish?

  2. Minor Life says

    Ура, Guard Duty не заброшен! Вроде…

  3. BugVadik says

    Я один здесь от маинкрафт для нубов???

  4. Andres A. Ruiz V. says

    Great work! Those animations are satysfactorious! Good details of realisim in all of them <3

  5. Duhlevon says

    Can't wait to play this. What I love the most is that the weapon models; although updated to modern standards, still highly resemble the classic weapon models. So it is the best of both worlds especially on the desert Eagle.

  6. Juan Pablo Acha says

    Everthing is right excepting the crowbar and the revolver the revolver is too small and the criwbar shape makes me uncomfortable

  7. sammy says

    why is there no overheat for m249? not so realistic

  8. Teo Borges says

    Why you guy's don't use the BMS weapons and make some light alteration's?

  9. MrFootFxtish says

    There is nothing against Black Mesa, and dont get me wrong, Black Mesa is one of the best games, except for the fact they dont have the og soundtrack from HL1, but this, this looks WAY better than Black Mesa, good job!

  10. mura says

    I hope the game isn't too impactful on performance

  11. Tenzing Khedup says

    Since the deagle is in this game, does this mean we will see a lot more Otises? Also if the MP5 and M4 are both in-game I assume that the HECU gets the M4 and CIA Assassins gets the MP5s, which does make sense.

  12. SmoKK z0r says

    take my money, already!

  13. arcticridge says

    we're making new models, re-doing the levels, updating the lighting aaaand it's gone.
    It's gone, it's all gone.
    What's all gone?
    The mod, we took to long and now it looks dated, it's gone.

  14. MK2145 says

    try playing with the recoil… cuz the weapon like 100% accurate

  15. Maxim Gun says

    Look Gordon! It's THE BIG ONE

  16. Andreas Elf says

    Looking good

  17. Iron Raccoon says

    I'm loving the animations, but I noticed a handful of issues, so I mightaswell point them out.
    For this one, I'm assuming the Desert Eagle shares ammo with the Python. If that's true, then the bullets modelled inside the gun (seriously good job with that BTW) are rimless and too large in diameter, and don't share the steel cases of the Python's ammo, aswell as the fact that the barrel is not fluted like a .357 Deagle. All this tells me it was modelled after a .50 AE Deagle.
    The MP5's grenade launcher looks like it's been modelled after an Airsoft one, as it lacks a trigger guard.
    The M249 doesn't eject the belt links linking the bullets together, which would be a really cool effect in addition to a touch of realism.
    Other than that, spot on.

  18. Cameron Milne says

    why do the grenades smoke? in bm too

  19. Le Jansson says

    thanks for doing this!

  20. Quiver 5 says

    Spore Launcher, when?

  21. Wilson Ng says

    In my opinion, I think the M249 looks like the one in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

  22. Mr Pigeon 589 says

    Nice! The sound effects are good

  23. Axodus says

    Really nice! <3

  24. R says

    The "HK Slap" has been added in the MP5 animation, all I needed to see

  25. Valeriy Yakovishin says

    Very realistic sounding and cool muzzle effects

  26. YuriOnEdge says

    Why does the crowbar look so ugly?

  27. Yuri on Edge says

    Hi, which mod will you guys finish first: OBM or Guard Duty?

  28. [ThλtGenericPyro] says

    I frickin' LOVE that MP5!

    I want to see someone port it to Black Mesa when this finally comes out.

  29. MyScorpion42 says

    You should make the crowbar a flashlight, like it was originally supposed to

  30. DesFox says

    I feel like you should just stick with the currently existing black mesa assets for weapons that are already in black mesa, same goes for the NPCs, the desert eagle and m249 on the other hand are perfect.

  31. abgmuhdfarmeezul terminator says

    Do the spore launcher and shock roach showcase.I want to compare it to OF 🙂

  32. Game Master 1 says

    I hope you guys don't contradict the map layout of black mesa. One of the things I like about Half-Life 1 was the expansion all takes place in different parts of Black Mesa. None of them contradict the reused areas.

    By the way, do you plan on having that Freeman cameo?

    Also, will Barney be able to speak in game? It's been established in other games so I can't understand why he would be mute now.

  33. Game Master 1 says

    The hand textures look… not detailed enough. They look like plastic compared to everything else.

  34. Marcus Rydén says

    God damn guys. Looking good

  35. The Imperial Combine says

    Can you guys make the Revolver animation something close to Black mesa's

  36. Howard Stern says

    Very Talented. You guys did an amazing job. I hope that in the future, somehow it will be possible to port these models/sounds to black mesa. I just cant take the weapons seriously enough even when compared to the 2012 mod version. They just seem so cartoonish like they'd be from Serious Sam or something. You just scored yourself a subscription.

  37. Heartworn Fox says

    It’s not dead

  38. Flaninty says

    Squid? Sparky? Displacer Cannon? Gluon Gun? Tau Cannon? Wrench? Crossbow? Snark? Sniper Rifle? Knife? Tripmine (Heh Heh)? RPG? HiveHand?

  39. Would be nice if the Spas have version without the folded stock

  40. CoolDaddyJames79 says

    you kinda wasted your time making the revolver because there is no revolver I guess for guard duty maybe you could take away the stock on the spas 12 or it least make it sound more powerful other wise everything is great.

  41. Roger Cruz says

    DEagle's recoil animation looks unnatural, as if barney is pulling the gun and not the trigger. But video is old… so.

    Btw, youtube thinks this is black mesa #plzfix

  42. csgo engine lol ….. should have stayed with source engine and imported some of the stuff from black mesa to speed up the process witch btw was in the making for 10 years and still only half game release, i just cant see this to succeed might aswell use unreal engine 4

  43. Sgt. Ham says

    I feel the delay between the right click and the actual detonation of satchels should be shorter

  44. Bruno Brinker says

    Good Job!

  45. Francis52 says

    That Mp5! ITS PERFECT! Don't you dare change it!

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