1. Manny Plus says

    By the way guys the future episodes will probably be on Manny Plus! So go over and subscribe if you want to see this!

  2. Matty Thompson says

    Be Southend

  3. Margaret Onche says

    bet manny will be sacked two weeks from now

  4. Nik G says

    You should’ve done watford ☹️

  5. Jay Bruce says

    When I try to play FM 21, the full screen won’t fit, and the mouse isn’t calibrated properly. Anyone else? How do I fix it?

  6. walshy says

    take darlington back to the football league

  7. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  8. Linus Nordqvist says

    Love this! Fm is why I started to watch your channel

  9. Assar Svärd says

    pick Leeds again

  10. Sunny says

    Sad you didn’t pick Millwall 🙁

  11. Kojo Maca says

    Cmon manny been here since the eddie salcedo and moise Kean days at Bournemouth

  12. Kojo Maca says

    Cmon manny

  13. Mark Watts says

    So glad your back you make me laugh and great entertainment many, will you do another one with your mates again?? Please do,

  14. ObiMSM says



    Buy Thaigo Almada

  16. DeadlyTIMI Mobile says

    when is pes coming back

  17. JDTGunners says

    Should do Hartlepool and carry them up

  18. David Luiz Is Trash says

    just remember leko is birminghams eddie salcedo


    Buy a better HEAD physio

  20. Neil Fernandes says

    Manny, TY SO MUCH for Raiding Rossafett on Twitch the other day, you are a legend mate. Huge fan of Rossa GG Love your vids.. Keep it up

  21. thats crazy says

    is there another champs vid?

  22. siimens 1 says

    Can you start with Cagliari 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  23. Harry Doyle says


  24. Josh Hagglund says

    Will there be another online save this fm

  25. You see the name already

  26. Dom Shankers says

    Do a qpr one they are very hard

  27. Jago Andrew says

    St albans my local in shamblea

  28. Xara Yt says

    manny create utr in fm

  29. Zerkaa says

    I'm a simple man, I see Millwall in the thumbnail, I click the video…

  30. paul richardss says


  31. NG Soap says


  32. Dominic Glynn says

    Yes do both

  33. Mahesh Govindarajan says


  34. kai bowers says

    Do it with braintree town

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