1. gircakes says

    lol this commercial is local to me.

  2. timshel Leo says

    Do like a possum and crap your pants…

  3. Eve F says

    Proud to be from Cranston

  4. HH Scott says

    This made my morning. Too funny!


    In North Jersey, I have nightly visits by black bear. Just the other day a Mama bear was walking her 3 cubs down the road (2 bears were tagged). Just keep your distance – and don't be stupid, you moron. I got within 20 feet of one that wouldn't leave my garbage before following him back to the woods. They're timid oafs.

  6. Mr Rubenstein says

    Yeah ok. If im attacked by a bear i will stay calm, have a drink, call a buddy and just chill. NOT

  7. Pip says

    Well that seemed like pretty solid advice.

  8. Mark W says

    It's sad that this hugely talented woman was canned from the station.  I will miss gems like this and her handstand audition. 

  9. VL123 says

    You fools don't understand sarcasm.

  10. Brian Totusek says

    up next on 1000 ways to die…. this lady getting eaten by a bear

  11. Fred Cook says

    Dumbest damn thing I have ever seen.

  12. zeyver wolken says

    What an idiot! So ridiculous…

  13. Coolbreeze says

    she should be fired immediatley

  14. Tritin Barilla says

    Done forget to try to jump on the bear to lol

  15. val dom says

    Thats alot to do.lol

  16. val dom says

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhjhhhhhggggggggggh bear.lol

  17. Shamus8b8 says

    oh a chuck norris joke, how fresh and original

  18. makeupbyjessx13 says

    Soooo……my friend lives in the first floor of her apartment building and just showed me this. As I pulled out of his driveway she was trying to back in and screaming into her phone. Weirdest thing ever.

  19. Danny’s Delgado says

    That bear will kick the living shit out if me

  20. Aja Olson says

    if you got down on the ground in front of a black bear you'd get eaten

  21. SPARKLEVIDZ says


  22. Freedom Unrestricted says

    What do I do if I see a bear? Back away slowly and draw my pistol, if it attempts to eat me it is gonna have to swallow some lead first lol.

  23. crashbangful says

    Most of the advice is right except for curling up into a ball if it attacks. If it is a black bear, you fight until it leaves you alone. If it is a grizzly, you never try to scare it away. Maintain a non-threatening posture at all times. If it's a black bear and it attacks, try to gouge its eyes with your fingers or hit it in the head with a rock.

  24. Adi SGH says

    If I am a bear and I see you acting like this I would eat you.

  25. Juan Camilo Mendez Valdes says

    WTF? Is that a joke or something? OwO

  26. Scott Mendenhall says

    Wave your arms to let it know you're human? Good tip!

  27. Easy Money says

    LMFAO her eyes tho

  28. bjoorne13 says

    Is this for real? Must be april-fools or something XD

  29. Josh Page says

    I think you would just be confusing the hell out of the bear

  30. colaking75825 says

    I just thought you hit it with a lampshade.

  31. Henry Gosuen says

    If I were a bear, I don't know if I would run away or just feel sorry…"poor human. so young yet" :~

  32. KissimeKathleen says

    Lol all this stuff is true but kit the way she does it

  33. J rod says

    You can't tell me they didn't want this to be funny.

  34. Keiala Hampton says

    hahaha this comment made my day :'D

  35. bloodspillbill1 says

    I wish i was allowed to do drugs at work too

  36. Soul says

    Oh. My.

  37. Nirmal Thapa says

    Look… I was just joking..;(

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