What your Poop Says about your Health? (Test your Body)💩


DISCLAIMER : No Real poop has been shown in this video for your comfort. It is a work of animation to put something very important.
What your stools say about your health? Things your poop says about your internal health.

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0:08 – Why is the video on Poop important?
01:00 – What is the significance of poop test?
01:35 – What is the daily form of your poop like? The form of poop has so much to tell. Bloating, gas, explosive pooping and more.
02:08 – What is the colour of your poop like? Colour of poop can instantly tell you what is going inside your body.
02:47 – What is your daily experience with poop like? How do you feel after you go to relive yourself everyday? Are your constipated? is your poop slow and sluggish? Is it a painful experience? There is a lot which can be inferred.
03:35 – Have you come across a piece of food in poop? Something like a corn or peas? What does this say about your internal body mechanism? It proves a point that Ayurveda always preaches. Watch out.
04:11 – Now that we know what’s imbalanced inside our body. Let us find out how we can resolve the problem and create an ideal balance. How do we get an ideal poop?
04:18 – This is what you should do if you found your system to be cold and dry. If you are kind of constipated.
04:44 – This is what you should do if you found your body to be excessively heated.
05:06 – This is what you should do if your internal body is oily
05:35 – What is the best part about poop test?
05:44 – What is the ideal poop like?

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I wish you good health.
Fit Tuber

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