1. Phmp Merpati chanel says

    Wooooh gooodfery god

  2. Stet Tan says

    This is crazy!

  3. CSPG.COM says

    10 hours of race OMG

  4. David Stoler says

    When I was 13 my father took me dove hunting. A dove came flying over at lightning speed and I took aim and lead him a bit, pulled the trigger and got him. Walked over and realized it was a pigeon with a band around its leg. I sure hope I didn't execute someone's 6 figure bird.

  5. White Tiger says

    Gotta be a dumbass to spend 1.9 m on a bird though. Im just saying

  6. M Lussini says

    Lewis's daughter sold today for almost 2 million Dollars

  7. Crazy neighbor from hell says

    I read a pigeon that was sold for over 1 million € from the Drudge Report, then I came here. I went to Belgium twice people are friendly there, where the sport originated but had never heard about the sport before. I will look at pigeons in a different way now. Thank you for the video.

  8. Richard Childs says

    I'm her after a pigeon just sold for 1.9 million US…Ridiculous.

  9. Nick The Stunter says

    There is a new piqeon going for 1.3 million euro's
    "New Kim" on the Pipa auction site 😉

  10. Nourah Bin shember says

    This is cruel sport, imagine someone took you away from home , just to see how long it will take you to reach home for entertainment and money.

  11. Random Pacific national says

    I’m have a racing pigeon

  12. EDGAR FF says

    New subscriber here 🇵🇭💞

  13. dloft pigeon says

    Wonderful 👍

  14. Blue Lagoon Tippler loft says

    Nice video 🕊🕊🕊

  15. FUCK YOU says


  16. Marie says


  17. White Pearl Loft Of Florida says


  18. Jammy Gamer says

    nice that the cruelty in it goes unmentioned

  19. White Pearl Loft Of Florida says



    Привет из России.

  21. Blue Lagoon Tippler loft says

    I just join your channel. 👍

  22. syed Pigeon Greece says

    hi friend my channel subscriptions u video nice 🥀🥀🥀🌹💯💌❤️

  23. AGT JAYA says

    Beautiful pigeons … soucrib back

  24. nobuhle martha says

    I'm a farmer in South Africa,I have different pegions anyone who is interested please send me a email or call me 0625020680

  25. Toddjdb says

    As the saying goes, the best trade is to sell racing pigeons. Then they will just come back so you can sell them again.

  26. AsianAimbot69 says

    Imagine having children just so they could be sold for $170,000


    Racing pigeons lover here

  28. Random Pacific national says

    1:40 they are all the same pigeon I have

  29. Random Pacific national says

    I got pet racing pigeon broken leg some how my cat did that he’s not dead I’m happy I own him

  30. Lucas Arkin Gamefowl says

    International derby race

  31. Afghan Loft says

    Amazing video!
    Is anyone new to YouTube? If so, please subscribe to my channel and I'll do the same. 🙏

  32. FilzOnline says

    Thanks YouTube. Your suggestions never fail

  33. Rone says

    How did they catch the first pigeon

  34. wayne Wen says

    its money laundering

  35. Mov-Rhythm says

    bizim bi gök erkek var dünya yalan pıpır

  36. maxwell gedvila says

    I want to see Mike tyson compete in a pigeon race

  37. Dario UK says

    it is possible. to track a pigeon with a gps.

  38. Truvern Pidgeon says

    that horribly overpriced pigeon may never breed a winner

  39. rravinallu770 rravinallu770 says

    This vedio is not bored…

  40. Adnan arefin Boivob says

    Bolt is fastest bird in the world

  41. PiGEON ShoNQ says

    wow amazing pigeon

  42. charlesbonkley says

    That's all fine and dandy until the slow birds are killed (and probably sold as food in China). I mean, who the hell is going to maintain the slow birds by feeding and taking care of them while the fast birds are bred to race? Stupid. And what the hell is the point of releasing hundreds of birds. Want a challenge? Send your single best and hope for the best.

  43. Europigeons, Racing Pigeon Auctions and more. says

    Great video…. about our wonderful sport. Did you know you can get a FREE TIP to get the best out of your pigeons every week at our channel?

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