WHATS POPPIN? EA Play just hopped in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


EA Play is now available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on console at no additional cost!
Trailer features Jack Harlow’s WHATS POPPIN.

EA Play gives you instant access to a collection of EA’s best-loved series and top titles on console and PC, exclusive in-game challenges and rewards, special member-only content, and early trials of select new games. Enjoy all of the benefits of EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost.

EA Play will come to Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 15th.

Get your first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 * Learn more here:

*Exclusions apply – see for more details. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription continues until cancelled. $1 offer: new members only; terms apply. Game catalogue varies over time and by region.

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  1. Zdhpack 6072 says

    There al sold out areehh

  2. nevin yalınay says

    Please let the xbox game pass ultimate be includes this years just dance series 2021

  3. Teo Margetic says

    Do I get EA play with game pass for PC or do i have to buy game pass ultimate?

  4. YuTrax Gaming says

    me: whats poppin

    EA: we are going to own everything and make everyone pay to play

    me: 😞😣

  5. lawipod says

    Please remove Xbox live gold I want to play fortnite for free

  6. MARIN0 YT says

    GG 🇲🇽

  7. Speedy’s short clips says


  8. Vibhav Tiwari says

    Can you me who was editor for this video he has done great job with video

  9. game zone74 says

    I renewed my game pass ultimate but I don't have the new features weird

  10. Yugansh Arora says

    Gaming Community:are ya winning son?
    Xbox:of course dad
    Ps5:not till now dad
    Gaming community: you are adopted and my love for you has expired

  11. Thetribman says

    Be honest…….

    You watched this multiple times

  12. TheFailLord72 says

    wuss poppin Jimbo

  13. BLUE says

    And then they bought bethesda

  14. Chad Lancer says

    Your on game pass next

  15. ronin gaming says

    I honestly thought when xbox says "find your new favorite game" it was just salesman talk but i actually found my new favorite game in jedi fallen order

  16. Xtremegamer 3D says

    Nice but I try to log in on my ea account from my pc but doesn t work

  17. Cheers says

    weird. I have ultimate but still need to pay for ea play lol

  18. Slejer says

    How to play this on PC???

  19. Multox Gaming says

    Yeah, I think I will actually get Game Pass. But only when the Series X becomes available again and I have it in my room.

  20. YD Let's Play says

    Eno nicht Klauen

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