When Racing a 22-Year-Old CR500 Goes WRONG! | For the Love of 2 Strokes


Racing a 22-Year-Old Honda CR500 Dirt Bike is not as easy as Neville Bradshaw makes it seem…our two stroke hero finds out just how tough the task of racing this vintage bike against modern 450’s can be at round three of the 2020 MX1 championship. This is what happens when racing a 22-Year-Old CR500 goes wrong! But just remember this is all FOR THE LOVE OF 2 STROKES!

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  1. 999lazer says

    We've just added a discount code for our moto merch that you'll see advertised below the video. Use the code "2STROKES" to get 10% off on teespring. Cheers Max

  2. Ryan crf250 guy says
  3. dirt biker says

    That would be such a scary bike to ride

  4. Danny Dan says

    I'm a farmer 45 and I still ride a Rm500. Not as fast as that nice 1 Bradshaw 👍

  5. Peter Griffin says

    You need to get him on one of those modern 500 builds we see on YouTube! Like half his problems aren't linked to the 500 engine itself!

  6. Guitars & Handlebars says

    Well put together vids with great content. Nev is a warrior. 🤘

  7. Ronald Travis says

    He’ll yeah! Old school!

  8. Green socks says

    Thanks for the update, watching every episode. I'm a KX500 vet but no longer riding the big 2T,s. The CR500 was always a great bike. Best I can do is have an '01 in the shed. Zero hour bike had it since new. Keep up the good work.

  9. Rabby Redpath says

    Where can i get one of the t shirts for the love of 2 strokes one?

  10. airbats801 says

    someone buy this guy a cr500af

  11. Brandon Kennimer says

    Awesome job riding that beast! You’re an amazing rider!

  12. Josh Smith says

    Good grief someone spray some water on that track and widen it out a few feet

  13. Brian Jacobsen says

    Race gas and Castor. Ahh!

  14. Doc 1007 says

    Some one sponsor a good set of breaks for the old 500. Great job Nev we appreciate the effort.

  15. Nimrod US says

    Nev should definitely throw that engine a newer aluminum chassis. With all the modern advantages in suspension and handling he would absolutely kill it! Not that he isn't already killin it….

  16. Happy place Music says

    I hate to be that guy but what people have seem to forgot is that Neville Bradshaw used to be an ex Grand Prix rider, as well as a top 3 British championship rider. He’s never stopped riding/racing and still rides a HELL of a lot. Most of these riders in the AMCA are working class and ride at the weekend.

    The Cr 500 is no rat bike either, that thing has been build by a guy called James painton, a guy well known for producing excellent bikes, well equipped engines and very trick parts.

    To put into perspective if you had an ex professional racer who rides 3 times a week compared to a lad working 40 hours a week then races at the weekend who’s your money going to be on?

    Regardless on machinery
    You could stick Jeffery herlings on a 1980s bultaco against an amateur field and he’d win.

    This is by no means a disrespectful comment, just shedding some light on what people have seem to have forgotten given Nevs status.

  17. WiiUMad? says

    He cant handle it end of story

  18. WiiUMad? says

    You got to be extremely fit to race a 500 this dude is not a experience 500 rider

  19. WiiUMad? says

    Same power as a 450 lol guy full of shit should not allow to ride and review

  20. dep pipe`s davey says

    4 stroke's suck with there traction control. you did good nev on that rim lock ripper.ronnie mac loves you.can you do a video of you racing a honda cr250 1998.

  21. Randy Rowe says

    The thing is the newer 450's feel like Cadillac's compare to the old chassis. Suspension is better, Brakes are better, You can correct those things but the torque difference with a four stroke means a whole lot less clutching and downshifting. The 500 is a bear to handle.

  22. Randy Rowe says

    I bet one of the Service Honda CR 500 would do much better.

  23. smzee1 says

    Yo Bro your are awesome get em next time Bro from Canada we all rootin for ya!

  24. Alex Crozon says

    No offense but the old drum brakes in the rear work better then disc

  25. That Two Stroke Guy says

    I'm building up my 1991 cr500r (short geared engine). I had a few of them and they are a blast to ride.

    Sure there might be more modern or advanced bikes, but the cr500 and kx500 for all around fun is a hard one to beat.

    Stopping power in stock form is nearly useless. Best upgrade you can do is put an over sized quality front rotor on your bike (Motostuff, Galfer, Ebc) and get some stainless steel brake lines. Make sure you change your brake fluid often.

    The stock cr500 exhaust pipe is pretty good if you can still get your hands on one in good shape. If not, go with a fmf gnarly pipe for low end power and torque more suited for trails or tight close track that doesn't require high speeds. Pro circuit works/platinum pipe or fmf fatty is a good choice for longer more open stretches where you can open the bike up.

    Next major upgrade behind stopping power is your suspension, some may even say thats on par with being number one upgrade. Get your bike sprung and valved for your riding style.

    Rad valve works really good on this old school big bore bikes.

    Cheap carb upgrade on the hondas (replace the stock pj carb) use a kx500 pwk 39.5 it's superior to the stock cr500 pj carb.

    Fast flexx handlebars are worth their weight in gold on these big bores. Helps to reduce some of the vibrations and absorbs some impacts that otherwise tire you out quicker.

    Get your crank balanced if you are rebuilding your bike, this significantly reduced vibrations.

  26. Casey Anderson says

    Imagine how fast 2strokes would be if they kept up on the R&D in the last 20 Years. 250 2strokes used to race with 450 4strokes. This bike is keeping up with bikes 20+years of improvements.

  27. Casey Anderson says

    CR500 "Long live the Ping King"

  28. Casey Anderson says

    CR500 "Long live the Ping King"

  29. Oz 2strokeman 1 says

    I have a CR500 and my friends have late model 4 strokes, which I have had rides on ( very occasionally ). They are are a lot better ( and easier ) at going around a modern track than the old girl, but that doesn't matter because its more of a thrill on the 500. So what Nev is doing here is quite outstanding and shows his skill but it also shows how good a 500 WAS.

  30. Corey Kay says

    Guy speaking ruins the vids ffs 😭

  31. Offroad_ Bros_ says


  32. James T says

    Quit calling it “big red!” You sound like a moron.

  33. patprop74 says

    Even when we lose we can still be winners! I stopped watching MotoCross when those 4 stroke tractors started being popular! This channel is the most racing I watched since then.

  34. Real one says

    Bring back the 500s 2ts

  35. Damage, Inc. says

    Neville needs a new mechanic.

  36. Jonathan Brayley says

    Thank you Thank you Thank you, the best Mx video I have watched all year thank you !!! jb.

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