Without this your training WON'T work in Football Manager 2021 | FM21


Wait till you get passed the 8th minute, MINDS WILL BE BLOWN. Hopefully you follow, and have enjoyed this mini series, Fox!

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Relaxed Football Manager content, both on YouTube and Twitch! Avid runner, and keen lover of keeping fit. We cover tutorials, experiments, lets plays, how too’s and many more! Be sure to catch me live on Twitch! Hope you chose to join the Foxes ❤️

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  1. FoxInTheBoxFM says

    Wait till you get passed the 8th minute, MINDS WILL BE BLOWN. Hopefully you follow, and have enjoyed this mini series, Fox!

  2. Kieren Pearce says

    Great information, thanks. Is your experience pretty conclusive that [no roles/general training/focus areas/increased intensity] is better than selecting [role based training/training blocs with role focus/increased intensity]?
    Great tip on the training schedules with the role focus, but i guess my question is that given now I know thats a thing, whats the differential in the general approach vs the role based approach if you use the appropriate training schedules?

  3. Aaron Rhodes says

    It'd be nice if we could tell our assistant manager certain things that we always want him to prioritise if we leave him to the training, like Always set up a match review after a match, and never have physical before a match or something similar to that.

  4. GrumpierFaceman says

    Attacking coaches help.

  5. Deynarazy Adhi Sunjaya says

    is match review is that important?

  6. Jason Garland says

    Great video's mate, when you say about switching certain midfielders between defensive unit and attacking unit how long do you wait to change them, also do you not bother with match preview in pre season and just use it when the season starts.

  7. hunt801 says

    Nice one on the weaker foot 👌

  8. Grey Mouser says

    Who'd have thought….Sports Interactive get convoluted.

  9. Mr uncle says

    why can't you all do videos

  10. Mr uncle says

    fm 21 moblie has great features

  11. Warren Mason says

    Keep the videos coming! It is rare for an FM tutorial on YouTube to actually be useful and go beyond what you can get from the in game hints and tutorials. This advice appears to come from knowledge and a lot of experience / experimentation so I appreciate you sharing. Keep up the good work.

  12. Alex Dordrecht says

    wow a really good video, thanks, I wondered why my players never get a lot better, now I know, I think, I hope, I will try 🙂 thanks

  13. Siven says

    Good vid, i think i'll try doing training this year. Is it worth changing anything in the rests section?

  14. Nimajneb says

    This series changed my approach to training completely. Thanks again for some amazing content! You are up there with the best off them keep it up! 👍

  15. P Dodson says

    Who knew fm was so complicated? Since watching your videos I have started doing my own training in the past I just left it to my assisant and have been enjoying the game much more since doing so. I've also gone much more in depth with my tactics aswell so feel like a real footie manager now keep up the good work.

  16. Darth Cheese Burglar says

    ever since your videos, I have started atleast making changes to before and after matchday, specially match preview, match tactics and match review, things have been going pretty good for me. all three training videos of your change my entire look on training. I used to look for training schedules on fm scout to just put them on and never look at them again, now I focus so much on training, and the experience has been very interesting and pleasant. Thanks again for all the information

  17. Jimbo says

    Good stuff lad. I reckon these videos on Training will make more people want to do their own training. A lot of the stuff you do I've also been doing so that makes me feel better that I'm not doing things wrong 😄😁👍

  18. Andreas Wong says

    I've noticed in FM20 and FM21 that my young players (18-23) will sometimes have orange arrows next to a lot of their attributes even if they're playing regularly/in good form.

    Is this something to do with my training?

  19. Ayedonia says

    FINEEEEEEEE, I guess ill Try it or whatever 🙄😂

  20. Tiago Borges says

    man, fuck that. I watched ur last video and set the training as "overall" and "outfield" for months, but they all had specific roles to train >.<

  21. David Tinsley says

    Wow this makes so much sense thank you very much Lee 👍👌

  22. TempestDK says

    I find it hard to keep players happy while being a part-time outfit, as the training sessions are VERY limited. Are we just screwed on that? … or can it still be managed?

    I rarely touch training much, as I find it overwhelming (and a bit tedious). I have little clue what is going on most of the time.

    But I certainly learned something in regards to the position training of the players. I always set that, but I guess it makes little difference if training is almost always on the general ones.

    Do they still get an effect on learning a position, even if training blocks are on General, and I set my back to Wingback-training? … or is that pointless to do as well?

  23. This Is It FM says

    Thanks for your in depth videos, always interesting hearing how things work under the hood. I know ive heard you on stream before saying you talk to SI about information you release to make sure you are right.

    Ive always trained my players roles and changed them month by month basis. I usually start with a role which covers most attributes then switching to their exact role and back and forth.
    After what you said about the players only really concentrating on that if you use the technical training blocks im wondering what the negatives are if you leave them on their position role training whilst training overall and outfield? Do they just become irrelavant as you say, or does that mean they miss out in any way at all? Does that make sense?
    So basically if someone like me who always leaves players on positional training, will i miss out at all? In my head after watching the video, it just means its there ready for if and when you choose the technical training.

    Hope im not just mumbling a load of rubbish haha.

  24. Mihai Constantin says

    Godsend. Thanks a bunch!

  25. Skoms says

    Thanks FoxyBoxy. I like you as much as FoxyNoxy now. Great Training toturials that helped me out big time with understanding on how training actually works and how i can improve my team results by actually care for these featuers i always left to my assistant in the past. Looking forward to your next videos

  26. Jon Andrews says

    Picked up my coffee to take a sip…Leigh "grab yourself a coffee"…I like how your mind works!
    Blimey, that individual stuff was a real eye opener. Thank you so much for this series, so useful.

  27. gfujigo says

    Great series on training. I now have a much deeper understanding of trains the game is so much more fun now. Thanks.

  28. ramanze says

    Great video Foxy. Just wanted to check whether someone from SI, has confirmed the individual role training query? Seems like something that should definitely be in a tooltip.

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