Worst football game ever played… | NCAA 14 Dynasty Ep. 29 (S3)


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  1. Not The Expert says

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  2. CODrocker90 says

    Reads titleMe before watching the video having watched drewski for a while: There's no way THIS can be the worst.Me after watching this video: I see now.

  3. Im Drift says

    Josh Allen is goated

  4. Austin Mayes says

    Did anyone see on 14:14 that FCS East beat Louisiana tech

  5. Chris Coates says

    The difference a kicker makes.

  6. Debbie March says

    He has a different sponcer every videos

  7. Spencer Harris says

    6:18 2nd and -9

  8. GoldEmperor 7848 says

    12:26 since when did Randy Moss come out of retirement

  9. Gmoney blake says

    Love these videos but the more I watch them the more I realize how bad of a user you are on this game.

  10. Bailey S says

    DVSU is 10-3 in their last 13 games coming into this one.

  11. Paul McMichael says

    More Dingos fans at road games than home games

  12. Tag Begley says

    6:42 what the..

  13. Steven Hempel says

    Go back to 7 minutes 😠😠😉

  14. Joe Strandberg says

    This video reminded me of an online dynasty I did with a college roommate. 1 season he tried to win the heisman with his kicker, unless he had a long return TD, once he was in range he kicked a fg everytime. Also in the dynasty Wyoming had a 49-game home losing streak, greatest thing I ever saw.

  15. Nik Fair says

    Drew: I don’t think he caught thatAlso Drew 1 second later: okay he did

  16. Ryan Reznik says

    Chris Davis for full time starter

  17. Samantha Rahm says

    What’s juco

  18. Braves Nation12 says

    i finally got your panda merch!!!!!!!!

  19. Justin Bryant says

    Tight end University

  20. Basch says


  21. Mr rick says

    Can u do a Paul Richardson career from colts franchise please that would be fun 2 watch love u nte

  22. Secretly365 says

    This is an amazing series

  23. Onyx1916 says

    How, in the name of God, have you gotten me to care more about a fictional team with a misspelled name in a game that's six years old than I do about most real teams??

  24. Kobe Clutch says

    Post plz

  25. Keith Randt says

    Love these videos! Dingos videos more often!

  26. Daniel Anderson says

    Why in the world would you go for two there

  27. Robert Davis says

    Dude how did you do this when NCAA 14 team builder site has been down for a while now? I’ve tried to log onto that site and it sends me to the Madden site!

  28. Rob Scott says

    An ugly win but I'll take it. Go Fightin' Dingos!

  29. Kaiden WWE toy show says

    Where's the white whales!

  30. Josh Z says

    You need to Improve your scouting the guys you go after are too far behind and you waste a lot of points on certain players. 50 points isn't moving the needle on any player. Pick 5-10 guys you want bad and max them out. Keep the scrubs on the board and use whats left or none.

  31. FireIcarus says

    Are we gonna ignore that while this game was happening, the bottom line showed #1 Ohio State getting blown out by unranked Wisconsin?

  32. joe says

    This series has got boring , ur progressing too fast

  33. KingTauruss says

    https://youtu.be/oZOup3xFRpUOne of the guys look like Drew lol

  34. Katie Yarc says

    Add some music to big plays please

  35. Dewayne Vannoy says

    Damn lol nobody noticed Ohio St getting whipped 35-3 ? 😂

  36. Kyler Mankin says

    his name was chris davis who had the kick six against alabama

  37. ClicClikBang says

    Woo! Let’s go, Dingos!! We’re gonna win it all this year!Jesus Christ what’s wrong with me?

  38. Wade Kurzinger says

    Anyone know what playbook Drew uses??

  39. Let’s Pump Sum Ballas says

    Back to back episodes?

  40. sicfrynut says

    need to install an air raid type offense and do some quick hit routes to offset OLine issues/sacks. runs should be draws, jet sweeps or pitches or fullback dive (for historical value –see UGF)

  41. That African Kid says

    does anybody know where i can get this game for a reasonable price????

  42. Zachary Woods says

    Honest question because I'm not sure if I can answer it in my experience. In terms of graphics and gameplay, is NCAA11 better than 14? I feel like graphics wise it's a little better. Am I in the minority?

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