Zlatan Ibrahimovic is right about MLS's issues – Shaka Hislop | Major League Soccer


ESPN FC’s Shaka Hislop sees no problems with Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s recent comments concerning LA Galaxy’s new signing Cristian Pavon and how he won’t be in Major League Soccer too long given his quality. While Zlatan continues to criticize MLS, Hislop believes his comments in recent months haven’t been too far off from the truth.

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  1. Adelmo Fernandes says

    It is a shame when a single player is more important than an entire league

  2. Yuji Yasaka says

    I tried to like MLS but just can't keep watching. It's sooo low level and it's not worth watching. I just don't know why buy it's true…

  3. Jared Williams says

    old video but interesting how they filter everything through the lens of how does it benefit him. Clearly he was not that concerned with staying and used the MLS as a springboard to show he recovered from his injury and still has a lot left in his tank and can be a team leader for younger players. I think he gave an honest unfiltered view on the issues with the MLS and youth soccer in the USA. The huge cost of pay to play in youth sports will always keep the best most talented kids steering towards other sports with more accessibility for the poor and a higher ceiling for making it.

  4. Dennyboy AFC says

    Zlatan was right and I am an American, MLS fan. Until the professional pyramid is sorted out and a system of pro/rel is implemented the sport and the league will remain stagnant. The league has over expanded watering down the quality in favor of a quick buck for Garber and the single entity economic system. COVID 19 may claim MLS as it's next casualty.

  5. Darin Blaine says

    MLS is too good for Shaka Hislop. He couldn't make it on the Sounder FC, Atlanta FC, or LAFC or Toronto. He might be able to make it on the Cinni team.

  6. Cadillac Matrix says

    "side" "kit" "pitch" no wonder mls is a joke!

  7. Sebastian Ibanez says

    Mls is stupid and unwatchable, this isn’t baseball don’t disrespect the football community with your stupid ways

  8. gontse moeti says

    Why are Americans touched. I thought Americans didn't care about "soccer"

  9. airwky says

    US needs relegation league…

  10. Racso Caasi says

    MLS is garbage

  11. michael murillo says

    Zlatan can say what he wants. What are they gonna do fire him? Non football fans boo for him? I dont think so

  12. Ron Carey says

    No relegation/promotion…
    No relevance.

  13. Robert Alvarenga says

    I don’t understand why Americans can’t understand MLS is not in Europe level!!! US can’t even get to a decent place in the World Cup “men” let alone have an Amerindian men player outshine as a Messi cr7 or zlatan level!!!! Never!!! Why well Mexico is understanding sending their players to Europe and getting them fit!!!

  14. neuron55 says

    Zlatan is completely right, and they have a hard time taking it because they are used to lower quality. If they understood the difference between European football and US soccer, my oh my.

  15. REASON℠ says

    MLS is very far from a top league. Saying he's too good for MLS is not only a compliment to the player, but also to the club that managed to sign him. In fact, it's a boost to the league and a sign it's moving in the right direction. This is very common to hear in Europe when players are too good for the club or the league. Everyone agrees and expects him to be sold in the next window, hoping to cash in and build on the team with a few new improved players. Thinking otherwise and you're delusional. Makes you wonder why he's on TV talking about a sport he don't fully understand.

  16. Tomasz Gie says

    Well, Americans have their pride that cannot let them see, that MLS is not some one of the top leagues. They can't see, so they can't admit it. Even if they could see, they still wouldn't admit it. Zlatan is correct – if someone is too good, You can be sure Barca, Real, Manchester etc. keep an eye on him.

  17. Big White says

    Zlatan is the largest NARCISSISTs on earth.
    Don't listen to him, just watch him play.

  18. cal c says

    MLS was the 7th highest among all soccer leagues in attendance last year. The league is doing well independently of Zlatan.

  19. elias martinez sierra says

    He has a point lol that's why I dont watch mls its garbage like it should really be all one table and at the end of season first place wins the trophy… but now a fifth place team could win that mls cup …what's the point of all those season matches

  20. Putte Palt says

    When you have a personality like Z who is always going to be a front figure he will tell you he's honest opinion. He is not a diplomate he is a striker and a fair leader. So when you have the playoff situation where teams that have played and struggle the whole season to be on top with all the physical and mental effort having again prove to its fans that they are the best its just not right. And Zlatan just want the best for his teammates and the MLS.

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